Summit Up 1-29-11: feeling sorry for snow haters |

Summit Up 1-29-11: feeling sorry for snow haters

Ira Abney negotiates snow-covered subway stairs in the aftermath of a winter storm in Philadelphia, Thursday, Jan. 27, 2011. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that just can’t get enough of pictures of people who aren’t that stoked about snow having to deal with a ton of snow. In fact, we can even make a little bit of Mad Libs game of it, if we take a moment: Above, we see (word or phrase for unfortunate soul) in (city where ‘unexpected’ snow hit) trying to (verb that connotes tricky walking and maneuvering) (preposition like “through” or “in”) (place where unexpected snow is making life difficult).

Translated, that’d be: “Above, we see some poor schlub in Philadelphia trying to negotiate his way down some stairs to the subway just so he can get home and crawl into a whiskey bottle and forget about the fact that he moved to Philadelphia to get the hell away from snow. Actually, he never left Philadelphia, but if he were living in a snowy place, b’golly he’d get the hell out of there and move to Philly. On second thought, it might be better if he just moved to Palm Beach where his sister retired. Yeah, that’s the ticket!”

Or this: “Where’s a snowboard when you need one?!”


Speaking of snow, meteorological rumors have it we may be rolling into a slightly drier period, but who knows? There’s some snow in the forecast for Sunday and Monday but we’re not seeing any huge storms on the horizon. On the other hand, it seems like a lot of the best storms show up unannounced – like that guy in college who’d pop into your dorm room at the most unlikeliest of times with a handle of Captain Morgan’s and a pair of twins from Sweden.

We jest of course. Nothing like that ever happened to us in college and we struck strictly to a diet of wheatgrass juice and spring water. Once, we had a Diet Mountain Dew and we were hungover for a week – and believe us, that’s the kind of hangover no amount of tomato juice mixed with bitters and balsamic vinegar can cure.

Again, we jest: We don’t recomment a concoction like that for a hangover. Our suggestion is to drink only in moderation so that “hangover” is an unknown term to you. But if it does happen, we recommend Taco Bell and a giant Slurpee.

Have a great weekend out there, folks. Be safe, be cool and wear your helmet!

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