Summit Up 1-30-11: Where we are feeling a little dangerous today |

Summit Up 1-30-11: Where we are feeling a little dangerous today

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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that might take a walk on the wild side this weekend. We’ve just had one of those lovely weeks where the sun shines every day, your grandmother sends you a “just because” card with $5 in it (wooohoooo!!) and you burst into the occasional song about mundane household chores accompanied by a back-up chorus of fuzzy woodland creatures. And it’s been great, don’t get us wrong. But sometimes, after a nice fluffy week, you just need a little danger on the weekends, ya know?

So we think we’re gonna live on the edge a little bit today. We’re gonna ski a black run, play our music too loud or maybe even leave the cap off the tube of toothpaste (an exceptionally dangerous thing to do in our house). Just get out there and have some fun.

Hey, so remember how we were saying those Black-Eyed Peas peeps are going to be playing the Super Bowl half-time show, since The Who realized they’re just too old to be active rock stars anymore? Well, still no word on whether the BEP music will be worth unmuting your TV for the show, but we did hear their off-stage presence is nothing to write home about. A reader from Vail worked with them a few years back and was not impressed.

Steve Vincent from Airlink Shuttle in Vail writes thusly:

“Saw your post in Friday’s column about Peas headlining at the Super Bowl. I agree, I don’t know much about their music either, but I do know as an owner of a limo service that about 10 years ago we brought them in and out of Vail for a free show and they were jerks. They kept the driver waiting 40 minutes on the return trip, were very rude to the Hispanic driver and then stiffed him. I ponyied up the tip for him in lieu of their oversight. Hope they have cleaned up their act since then but I doubt it.”

Wow. We thought everyone knew it was totally lame not to tip your drivers. Not cool, BEP, not cool.

On an entirely unrelated subject, we have another Angel Alert!! or maybe we should say Angel(s) Alert! We got a call from Tommy Upchurch, a visitor originally from the Big Apple who just wanted to tell us about an awesome experience he had with the Frisco police.

Upchurch said he was stranded at a local convenience store Thursday night after an argument with his wife when a few of Frisco’s finest came by to make sure everything was OK. Being from New York, he said he hadn’t had the best experiences with police officers in the past. But Frisco officers Sean Koppels and Matt Murray and Sgt. Ahmet Susic were friendly, fair and helpful. Upchurch said they “gave him the benefit of the doubt,” and a lift to a local Best Western where they got him set up with a room for the night.

A former military police officer himself, Upchurch said their kindness meant so much to him.

“I just really appreciate how I was treated,” Upchurch said. “(As a police officer) you’re in situations where you can make the good choices or the bad choices, and they just made the good choices. They just showed me respect right from the beginning.”

Three cheers for Frisco PD! There really are some nice guys and gals over there.

Well, that’s ’bout all we got to say ’bout that.

We find we can’t ignore the sun sparkling off the snow any longer. It calls to us. Must go ski runs we’re not quite sure we’re good enough to ski! Must go fall and look dumb, but be will wearing a helmet so not be hurt too badly!

We out.

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