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Summit Up 1-8-09

Summit Up

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s still coming down after that bluebird powder day yesterday. No, it wasn’t like a 20-inch dump or anything, but there was plenty of fresh out there and bracing temps with a crystal-clear sky and a full sun.

Ever notice that, how you can say “full moon” but not really “full sun?” Well, we’re out to change that. It was definitely a full sun yesterday, and we were happy to see it. It’s got something to do with why we live here.


Now that it’s 2010, how are your resolutions going? We have one easy one for you: Talk more on your cell phone! Yeah, we just read that some new study found that mice exposed to cell phones are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s and have better memory.

How ’bout that? And who knew mice even used cell phones? Personally, we still believe holding a device next to your brain that radiates, um, radiation beams and neutrinos and stuff is bound to turn out bad after a certain number of years. But who knows? Maybe the mice are telling us something.


OK, so a few months back, we changed our crossword puzzle (which is staggeringly popular) so that the answers for that day’s puzzle are on the page, albeit upside-down to make it really, really hard to cheat. We did this because tons of people over the years had been asking us to do so because, we guess, they couldn’t always get it together to compare two different puzzles from two different days.

We thought we were doing a good thing, but now people are gritching at us saying it’s too easy – they can’t help cheating. One of our very own people, in fact, just walked into our office and yelled at us for having the answers there.

“I can’t resist cheating!” she said.

“Well, that’s between you and God,” we replied.

What all do you think, all you crossword scribblers out there? Let us know if you like the answers right there or on the next day at No pleasing everyone, it seems.

We out.

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