Summit Up 10-10-10 |

Summit Up 10-10-10

Summit local Gabriel Grams turns a special 10 years old today on 10-10-2010. Happy birthday Gabriel!

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only column that is your go-to source for holiday cheer. Today, as the first inches of snow finally decide to grace us with their presence, we here at Summit Up can’t help but get into the spirit of the season; Start of Ski Season, that is. It is, after all, the most joyous time of the year. The time when Mother Nature messes with our heads, locals hustle and bustle about with preparations and the local ski resorts put their snowmaking efforts into high gear.

And we think it is the perfect time to retell a beloved Yuletide tale to get everyone in the season spirit with us. So pull up a chair, children (or keep digging in that box for your goggles or staring at the sky in frustration) and listen as your Summit Up tells of the Grouch that Stole the Ski Season.

Many years ago (like, back in the ’80s or something) there lived an old Grouch up on Peak 9. He loved to ski, but hated sharing his mountain with other skiers from the ski town below. One day, the old Grouch finally decided he had quite enough. On the night before the ski areas were scheduled to open, he grabbed his poles and skied down Peak 9 to steal the ski season!

Throughout the night the nasty old Grouch went to each of the houses in town, stealing both poles and one ski of everyone that lived there. Now they could not hog his slopes, he thought, for who could get down the mountain on only one board and without poles? When he had finished, the Grouch headed home, looking forward to morning when all the people of the town below would wake to find the ski season ruined.

The next day, the people of the little town were horrified. Each was missing a ski and both poles! How would they begin the ski season? Just as the they had begun to despair, a voice piped up from the crowd. It was little Ryder McGee, who was no more than 19.

“Wait,” said McGee. “The ski season isn’t ruined! Ski season isn’t about how many boards you have strapped to your feet or carrying poles! It’s about having fun!” And with those words McGee grabbed his one board and headed for the lift. Soon others followed and in no time at all they were tearing up the slopes, all of their worries forgotten.

Up on Peak 9, the old Grouch waited gleefully for crying from the ski town below. Instead he heard another sound. Laughter? And, was that? Yes, it was! It was the unmistakable sound of fresh powder being shredded. He looked to see the people of the ski town all riding down the mountain on only one board! Granted, they fell down a lot, but they seemed to be having fun. The old Grouch was puzzled. He hadn’t stopped ski season from coming! It came! Some how or other, it came just the same!

Now, no one really knows what happened next, but in the ski town they say that the Grouch’s tight ski boots grew three sizes that day. He took off down the mountain to return all the skis and poles and to join in the fun. He was welcomed by the people, and he might have carved some meat or something, we can’t remember. And though their skis had been returned, some people decided they liked riding one board better and continued to do so. But most importantly, the old Grouch and the people of the ski town learned a lesson: that it is always better to share the slopes. And they all went on skiing and riding together in harmony forever after.

Ski season’s greetings, everyone!


And last but certainly not least, the crew here at the SU Corporate Suites want to wish local Gabriel Grams a very special happy birthday. Gabriel turns 10 years old today on 10-10-10. That’s pretty much one of the coolest b-days ever. Here’s wishing the li’l dude a big happy birthday.


We out, watching the Broncos and hoping for more snow.

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