Summit Up 10-2-10: Special mass exodus edition |

Summit Up 10-2-10: Special mass exodus edition

by Summit Up
Special to the DailyBlaze the horse - seen here just before putting in his teeth-whitening strips for the night - wants to remind folks that the Summit County Elks Lodge #2561 will sponsor a breakfast fundraiser to benefit Swan Center Outreach of Silverthorne on Sunday from 9 a.m. to noon. Swan Center Outreach is a very cool place that helps critters in need. Tix are $10 at the door.

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that tearfully says goodbye today to one of the column’s biggest fans. Christy Ritzman, who for years has been lots of different things around here – ranging from head bean counter to chief deadbeat chaser to queen of the safety committee to all-around super-cool honorary Summit Up Central Staffer – is moving on to other stuff. She’s not leaving the county, though, so we know she’ll still be sending us e-mails to let us know if the column that day was a “double knee-slapper” or just kinda lame (and usually she doesn’t say anything if it’s kinda lame).

Also not letting the door hit him on the way out is reporter extraordinaire Robert Allen, who’s heading down to Fort Collins to test the waters at a bigger paper – the Fort Collins Coloradoan (the paper that still can’t spell its name right!). Robert has been a real asset here in the SDN newsroom the past three years or so, and we wish him the best of luck.

There must be something in the water or something, because we had another staffer, Juli Watson, leave in August to move back east, then reporter Caitlin Row decided to strike out for Telluride, and Julie Sutor got a sweet gig at NREL down in Golden. So if you see a bunch of new bylines in the paper, well, that’s why. It’s not because the editor is a tremendous jerk, really!

And welcome Janice Kurbjun, Drew Andersen, Caddie Nath and Aaron Burnett.


Have you ever wanted to serve on the American Lamb Board?


SU: Well, in that case it’s your lucky day cuz the ALB is now soliciting applications for COOP

programs …

MSUR: What dat?

SU: Uh, not sure. Something to do with grant programs. If you’re interested – and we know you are – go to When the page loads, make your best “Baaaaa” lamb imitation sound and, if it’s really good, they’ll let you try out for the lamb board.

MSUR: Golly, what’s involved in the tryout?

SU: Well, you have to baa really well, obviously, and you have to demonstrate extreme levels of docile behavior and willingness to be herded, shorn and, yes, baa’d at by teenagers passing by in cars. You should also be able to articulate your willingness to cut up lambs into little pieces – such as shanks, loins, legs and the occasional head and stomach for the annual haggis feast.

No one said it was easy being a lamb.


Finally today we have, alas, a Scum Alert! Scum Alert! from Kevin O’Reilly in Breck, who writes:

“A group of us get together and play sand volleyball at our volleyball court in French Creek a couple of times a week. Don made some drink holders so all players have a place for their favorite drink of choice. A couple of weeks ago some low-life scum sucker stole six of the drink holders. Now we have to set some of our drinks on the ground where they can be knocked over by the ball or dogs. Please return the drink holders.”

Yep, that’s lame! Gotta run, folks. Have a great Saturday!

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