Summit Up 10-21-09 |

Summit Up 10-21-09

Cheech Marin
Special to the Daily

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s looking for the next stupid techie thing to make a bunch of money from. This scribbling for a living is, as they say, for the birds, and we know if we were designing SEO widget thingamajigs at Google (or funding such at some place like Goldman Sachs) we’d be hauling in the dough. Speaking of being for the birds and, tangentially, Twitter, someone in the Summit Up Central Suites suggested instead of “tweeting” we start “woofing.” So here is our IPO for (which is already taken by, oddly enough, a speaker repair place somewhere – but no matter, we’ll just buy them out with our millions). Soon, no one will be tweeting each other, but woofing instead. Same deal, just a cooler name. Like Twitter, Woofer will only be hot for a few months, but long enough for us to sell the idea to some other schmuck and retire to the Dutch Antilles.Sound like a plan? “Woof! Just like Twitter, only deeper!”***So, we’re still waiting for one of our wayward Staffers to return from a trip to France and, get this, Albania. Who the hell goes to Albania?! One of our intrepid Staffers, apparently. But there was a hitch, as he e-mailed us from his iPhone the other day (the day he was supposed to be back and writing this friggin’ column!). It said:”Ferry from Albania ran late because of storm, headed for Munich to try and catch different flight. Arriving back in Denver Wednesday.”Some life, eh? We’re stuck here while Staffer B is out missing Albanian ferries, which sounds kinda cool in a Tom Waits kinda way. Some day, though, that’ll be us: missing Albanian ferries, losing our luggage on the train to Istanbul, getting our pockets picked on a high-speed train to Tokyo or selling our plasma in Amsterdam so we can afford more Space Cakes or something.Speaking of, did you hear there’s a job opening for a marijuana critic at Westword? (Insert joke related to having the munchies or dry mouth here.) Not a bad gig if you like to get baked, but personally we’re be just fine enjoying the high country air, skiing and boarding, hiking and all those other natural highs (followed by beer, of course). But it does go to show you that, even in this ‘conomy – and even in the newspaper business – jobs are popping up all over the place!Maybe not. We out, polishing our resume to be the kava critic for the Vanuatu Times.

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