Summit Up 10-23-09 |

Summit Up 10-23-09

by Byron Q. Perlmutter

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that is ready to go car shopping for something super fuel efficient.

We jest, of course. We don’t have money to buy a new car, but if we did, we just came across this list from the EPA of the 10 most fuel-efficient 2010 model cars. Drum roll, please (and pass the organic kettle chips):

1. Toyota Prius (hybrid) 51/48

2. Ford Fusion Hybrid FWD, Mercury Milan Hybrid FWD 41/36

3. Honda Civic Hybrid 40/45

4. Honda Insight (hybrid) 40/43

5. Lexus HS250h (hybrid) 35/34

6. Nissan Altima Hybrid 35/33

7. Ford Escape Hybrid FWD

Mazda Tribute Hybrid 2WD

Mercury Mariner Hybrid FWD 34/31

8. Smart fortwo Cabriolet (automatic), Smart fortwo Coupe (automatic) 33/41

9. Toyota Camry Hybrid 33/34

10. Lexus RX450h (hybrid, 2WD) 32/28

There’s the list.

If you want a gas guzzler, the worst top 10 includes things like Maybachs and Ferraris and Bentleys and the like. Obviously, if you can afford one of these, you have the option of not giving a crap that the thing gets 8 mpg (the Bugati Veyron). But we know you will very, very guilty driving around in it – even as wind from the Aegean whips through your hair (or across your bald pate) and Champagne-wielding Italian models throw themselves at you. (That could actually be kind of annoying, if you think about it.)

A lot of these vehicles aren’t even for sale in Summit County, but the Fords are, so you can buy American and lower your footprint with a trip to Summit Ford (home of the $20 oil change, but you gotta have the coupon from our paper!).


OK, it’s flu season, in case you haven’t heard, and with flu often comes high fever. Now, we’re no doctors, but the other night one of the Summit Up Staffers’ kids was running a 102 fever and not responding to “Western medicine” like Tylenol and the like. So, as all modern moms do, she Googled around until she found this idea for lowering fever: Stuff the kid’s socks with potato slices, onions dipped in vinegar or egg whites.

We are not fabricating this information. Said mom went for the least messy-sounding thing for starters (the spuds) and reports that the fever dropped almost immediately. Later, if you’re making stew, you can have the kid swish her feet around in the pot for added flavor!

Disclaimer: Again, we are not doctors. Consult your physician first blah blah blah … and if you experience a four-hour, um, anything, get thee to a hospital (or a certified organic farmer).


Folks, they keep giving us tiny holes for Summit Up, so we’re just about out of room already today. It’s Friday, which is good, and although there’s no Broncos game this weekend, there is plenty of other stuff going on. For those of you with kids, don’t forget to score your free pumpkin Sunday at 2 at the Pavilion in Silverthorne! We out.

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