Summit Up 10-23-10: Where we once did something really naughty and are now hearing TV ads about it from our political enemies |

Summit Up 10-23-10: Where we once did something really naughty and are now hearing TV ads about it from our political enemies

by Summit Up
Special to the Daily Joanna Rybak (left) from the Summit Prevention Alliance and Jennifer Santry (right) from the High Country Conservation Center at the 14th Annual Community Food Security Coalition Conference in New Orleans, October 16 to 19. Rybak and Santry are co-chairs of the Summit County Food Policy Council. A grant from LiveWell Colorado paid for the two Summit County locals to go to the conference to learn how to improve access to healthy and sustainable food in Summit County. SPA and HC3 have been involved in several food projects already taking place in Summit County including Silvana's Community Garden, Nancy's Community Garden at the Senior and Community Center, and the upcoming The Living Classroom on Frisco Main Street. The two groups will continue to address food issues in Summit County through partnership in the Food Policy Council. For more information about the council or local food projects, contact

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that sometimes wonders about these so-called “transition” seasons. When it’s kinda rainy, kinda sleety, kinda snowy and then the sun comes out for a while, followed by flaming meteorites and locusts and what have ya, well, it makes it hard to know what kind of jacket to grab on the way out the door in the morning. (And, in the case of flaming meteorites, whether or not to grab our special, titanium-reinforced hardhat.)

On the other hand, it’d be kind of jarring to go from a really summery day to automatic, full-on winter, so we appreciate the fact that fall gives us some transitionary days. We just wish, somehow, they could be nicer transitionary days, is all.


So, show of hands: Who’s sick of political advertisements on TV and radio?

(all hands go up)

Of course, we don’t count the ones in the newspaper, cuz those ads are cool – plus you can just skim over them if you’re not interested whereas on TV, you have to suffer through them to get to the next cliffhanger on whatever ridiculous show you’re watching. And no matter how long you take in the kitchen getting another beer or whatever, you always get back in time for at least one more nasty ad.

And in the car, if you’re listening to the radio, you can be held hostage for minutes on end listening to this crap.

We particular liked/hated this one ad we heard on the radio about one candidate who supposedly did something naughty, we think, a long time ago. When they talk about this guy, there’s this dark, ominous music and even, we think, the sound of things burning and maybe even some zombie-like screams in the background for good measure. Then, when they talk about the “good” candidate, there’s this happy, light music – they practically play the William Tell Overture.

It’s as if they’re trying to manipulate us! The nerve! They know we’d never fall for it – even if we do, every election year, time after time.

It’d be weird, wouldn’t it, to have our own lives exploited in this manner? Let’s say you were up for a new job, and suddenly you had to endure radio and TV commercials aimed at your potential bosses telling them about that time you woke up at dawn passed out on someone’s lawn or on the pool table at the Moose Jaw. And you wouldn’t be afforded the opportunity to explain what really happened (although perhaps that’s a no-win situation anyway) but have to just leave things as they are.

Fortunately for you, though, you can also get nasty commercials made about Ted in accounting, who’s also vying for the job in question. You once saw him double-dip in the clam dip during the office Christmas party, and you can make a pretty damning commercial about that. Don’t forget the scary music!

But this is the life of the politician, we guess. You couldn’t pay us enough to do it …

That reminds us, though: Don’t forget to vote! You can get out there now and early vote or you can get a ballot mailed to you. It’s so simple! We like to go the polling place ourselves cuz we want our sticker, but do what works for you.

We out.

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