Summit Up 10-8-09 |

Summit Up 10-8-09

Treebeard Ent Esq. III
Sabrina Anderson is turning 13 today! We wish you a very happy birthday, with lots of love, Mom & Dad.

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s pretty stoked about ski season starting and all. But we can’t help but wonder what it all means. We’re talking about sliding down a hill on a board or two, and what does that say about us as people? For one, it proves once again that compared to, say, water buffaloes or Labrador retrievers, we are a species that must constantly be entertained. We can’t just sit around (or if we do, we have to be reading or watching TV or playing X-Box or sewing or playing cribbage or whatever). If the mountain could speak, it would say – in a voice very much like that of Treebeard in Lord of the Rings – “What the hell are these crazy humans doing up here freezing their butts off to slide down my flanks?”We have no idea. But it’s fun, so what the hey …***All six avid readers of our column may recall the other day when we were having fun with the “fact” that Mrs. Butterworth – she of the syrupy goodness and plastic-y anthropomorphic creepiness – now has a first name: “Joy.” In the course of our rant, we took a shot at high-fructose corn syrup, which some believe is part of the cause of American’s obesity problem. But did you know that there is a person out there who will leap to the defense of high-fructose corn syrup whenever its image is assailed?Yes indeed, we saw that Audrae Erickson of the Corn Refiners Association had logged onto our website and left this comment on the Summit Up column in question:”High fructose corn syrup, sugar, and several fruit juices are all nutritionally the same.The American Medical Association helped put to rest misunderstandings about this sweetener and obesity, stating that ‘high fructose syrup does not appear to contribute to obesity more than other caloric sweeteners.’According to the American Dietetic Association, ‘high fructose corn syrup … is nutritionally equivalent to sucrose. Once absorbed into the blood stream, the two sweeteners are indistinguishable.’High fructose corn syrup and maple syrup both contain similar proportions of fructose and glucose. High fructose corn syrup enhances maple flavors, is also a thick syrup, and can be an economical option that enables many consumers to enjoy this breakfast table favorite.Consumers can see the latest research and learn more about high fructose corn syrup at”All well and good, Audrae, and we’re flattered that of all the daily columns in the world, you walked into our. But we think the problem lies with the fact that this syrup is in so many things that people – especially kids – eat or drink too much of. Like soda and Laffy Taffy and Mrs. Butterworth’s. We are, of course, not doctors or dieticians, but we’ll stick to our filtered water, organic greens, free-range chicken fingers and hypo-allergenic gluten free cracker nodules.***Well folks, it’s Thursday. (sound of crickets) Which means tomorrow is Friday (sound of cheering) and which also means A-Basin is opening. Get thee to the hill and slide down it! Show all those water buffalo out there who’s boss.We out.

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