Summit Up 10-8-10: Ok stuff to read |

Summit Up 10-8-10: Ok stuff to read

by Summit Up
Special to the Daily/Jeff SalquistJeff Salquist sent us this photo of a giant gerbil doing some logging in Summit County. Jeff wants to know if we can guess which Breckenridge golf course this photo was taken at (which we think is a trick question).

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that will now attempt to sum up Summit Up in just four words:

Inane blather done daily

Or how about:

Pointless ramblings wasting time

Or …

Stupid crap best ignored

Perhaps we’re too hard on ourselves. What about:

Awesome fodder for conversation

Or too literal, what about …

Sweet croutons swimming Caesar

We were thinking about trying to describe things in four words when we heard about this website that does four-word movie reviews, such as:

“Room with a spew.” The Exorcist (1973)

“Doctor making a living.” Frankenstein (1994)

“Better Rhett than debt.” Gone With the Wind (1939)

“A Farewell to Farms.” The Grapes of Wrath (1940)

The website is at, and there’s a book as well, aptly tiled “Four Word Film Reviews.” The cool thing is that anyone can go on there and write a four-word review, and then everyone votes on it (yes, everyone’s a critic).

We also liked these:

“Transforms $9 into disappointment.” Transformers, 2007

“T-rex isle dysfunction.” Jurassic Park (1993)

“Gilbert commodifies self-discovery.” Eat Pray Love (2010)

When you think about it, many film reviews go on and on about whether a film is good, bad or somewhere in the middle. In reality, most of us are barely able to eke out a sentence about a film we just saw. Oftentimes, our own personal film reviews sound like this:

“That sucked.”

“That was awesome.”

“Yeah, it was OK.”

“I want my money back.”

“Good popcorn, don’t recall much of the film.”

“My ass hurts.”

Hmm … not sure where that last one came from, but it could be from films like “Pirates of the Caribbean” or “The Karate Kid” or “Sex in the City 2” that are just way too freakin’ long. When we leave a film, we want to feel entertained, not beleaguered by sloppy editing. Where would we be if everything was just totally unedited and left to ramble endlessly about crap no one cares about?

Well, that struck a little close to home, and there we go again, being hard on ourselves. Time to move on …


OK, here’s a shout-out from Mark Pierson, who writes thusly:

Bruce and Kaitlin, of Nick-N-Willy’s Pizza got married Sept. 25th. The members of Nick-N-Willy’s Hockey team would love to give a shout out to Bruce and Kaitlin and wish them well in their future together!”

Congrats! We’d run the photo that came with the shout-out, but you’d need a scanning electron microscope to see it, that’s how small it was. And our scanning electron microscope is in the shop for repairs. If anyone has a larger photo of the happy couple, send it our way at and we’ll get it in.


This just in: A woman in LA is suing Hyatt hotels after she caught some dude in her hotel room wearing her clothes and – perhaps no surprise here – her underwear. According to a story on the AOL Travel website, the woman, Dayanara Fernandez says she was in Deerfield, Ill. in June to attend a wedding “when she pushed past a cleaning cart to enter her room and was shocked to find a male hotel worker wearing one of her skirts and her high heels, as well as his Hyatt shirt.

“The man, Oscar Garcia-Franco, ran into the bathroom to change, but left the door partly opened and a stunned Fernandez saw he was also wearing her underwear.”

Next time, Oscar, at least take off the Hyatt shirt! Sheesh.

In case you’re wondering, Garcia-Franco was charged with disorderly conduct and ordered to pay court costs of $187. No word on whether Fernandez was reimbursed for getting her skivvies laundered.

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