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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column turning into a nail-naked, leg-cramping, bloated-belly nervous wreck.

It’s our own fault, of course. We’re working up our dander for numerous reasons, and we keep catching ourselves biting our beautifully manicured nails, anxiously thumping our leg up and down and eating way too much. We wish we could say it was because we finally asked George Clooney to marry us or our cancer-curing drug was in the final approval rounds with the FDA. But, while those are both true (in some sense, anyway), that’s not what’s bothering us.

Let’s just say we’ve got too much on our mind – we’ve been shopping for some expensive items (and being the fiscally responsible daily column we are, if it costs more than $100, it could take two years for us to make up our minds), we’re preparing for a major expedition into previously uncharted, chaotic country (which means we have to get all our ducks in a row before we leave, and those of you who’ve tried to get ducks to stand still in a straight line know what we’re talking about) and, as luck would have it, the bulb just burned out in our EZ-Bake Oven.

Now, our readers will suggest a little aromatherapy, maybe a massage or a good walk in the forest or hiring someone to realign our chakras. Unfortunately, our nose is stuffed up from the smoke our last EZ-Bake brownie created, the massage therapists always refer us to a carpet cleaner because of a hair issue (which makes us a target whenever we walk in the woods) and we don’t know where our chakras are, but we probably bit those off with our Lee press-ons.

We’ll be fine. We’ll just breathe deeply for a little while …


Scum Alert!! Scum Alert!!

Somebody’s a sculpture-stealer. Michael Adams sent us an e-mail saying someone out there with some serious tools (and an appreciation for art, apparently) stole his bronze “The Lightness of Being” from its perch at the Blue River Plaza in Breck.

“Needless to say,” Michael wrote, “I am very distressed and worried about the other sculptures, too.”

The sculpture, about 3 feet tall, was welded to a steel plate (see the picture on this page). This was no snatch-grab heist; it was a little more involved than that. Maybe some poor soul out there is so emotionally burdened, they were offended at the notion of “being” being anything other than “heavy.” In that case, the act is sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy; we’ve already put in an order for karmic burden to weigh down on this person.

Anybody with any info on Michael’s statue should contact us; he’s offering a reward. Check out the picture for some clues.


Congrats! to more dean’s list honorees: Joshua Johnson and Anita Molina, both of Breckenridge, beat a 3.5 GPA the past semester. Josh is studying musical theater and Anita’s learning the ropes in business at the University of Northern Colorado. Keep up the hard work.

* * *


This Summit Up staffer is missing her kitty. Even though the little feline has been gone for a couple days, we’re worried. If anyone has seen a brown and orange tabby in the vicinity of Miner’s Creek Road in Frisco, please call 668-3998, ext. 227. Her name is Ripley.

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