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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that can’t fathom much more dangerous activities than trying to ride a bike and drink coffee at the same time.

We were cruising down Frisco’s Main Street Friday morning and were struck by the sight of three different bikers pedaling along – all with large cups of coffee in their hands. Now, maybe we’re just unskilled bikers, but this didn’t seem like a great idea. Then again, this is the daily column that motors around eating lo mein with chopsticks and steering with our knees – all while talking on the phone and scanning the traffic to make sure there’s no one looking at us, thinking that nose scratch we just did was actually a pick. But that’s a column for another day.

What we were actually thinking, looking at these java bean bikers, was how long it would be before someone like this ends up filing a lawsuit. Our good readers likely recall all those lawsuits filed against McDecadent’s because somebody spilled coffee in their lap while driving and got scalded. We’re no psychics (or lawyers), but it would seem to us that wheeling around on your Schwinn with a double latte is a civil suit waiting to happen.

This led to the million-dollar idea of the day (gosh, if we only had a dollar for all these we’ve had): Coffee cup holders for bikes. Any of you are welcome to use it; we just want a percentage.


Jennifer in Breck read the Summit Up column early last week about finding strange things in your pockets: She explained she was out one evening and found something along these lines. It took a day for her to figure out where she found it. She had been in Cecilia’s, where a bartender and a guy were talking. The bartender asked the guy, a little tipsy, “Can you see your way to sign this for me?” as he handed him the credit slip.

“I can’t see my name until I write it,” the man responded.

So Jennifer wrote it down, but all the next day tried to figure out why. It was such a puzzler to figure out, she still thinks about it to this day and it makes her laugh.

Don’t worry, Jennifer. Eight years ago, we found this note in our pocket after a night on the town: “The appliances are conspiring to betray you.” We have yet to figure that one out.


You disc golfers might be interested in this. We came across an obituary for one Ed Headrick, who passed on Aug. 12. Ed, you’ll be interested to know, was a designer for Wham-O, maker of fine flying discs. Ol’ Ed improved the design in the ’60s, making professional models. We bring it up because Ed also invented disc golf; he formed the International Frisbee Association and the Disc Golf Association.

Mr. Headrick was 78, and had suffered two strokes in July. His ashes will be mixed with plastic and be made into a special edition disc for family and friends.

Think about that the next round you throw.


Congrats! to Elizabeth and Creighton LaRue of Silverthorne.

The couple is proud to announce the arrival of little Creighton Anthony, who was born Aug. 6. Welcome to Summit Up Land and good luck, little one.


It’s Saturday, and as we’re reading the side effects warning on our most recent prescription, we’re wondering: If this stuff causes two out of five people to suffer from diarrhea, does that mean the other three enjoyed it?

We’re out keeping the streets safe from coffee spillers …

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