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Summit Daily/Brad OdekirkSummit Cove resident Mark Wyatt climbs through the lodge pole pines on the Rossetter Trail along Keystone's River Run golf course recently. Riding a Specialized, Wyatt says he rides the trail three or four times a week.

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column about to lose its freakin’ mind.This whole holiday weekend nonsense has thrown our week off. Sure, it was all fun and games over the weekend knowing we didn’t have to come into the Corporate Suites on Monday. And sure, we were still smiling away Monday about not working. But then Tuesday came.Usually, we’re a big fan of Tuesdays. But not this one. This one meant we were already a day late and a dollar short on the kabillion phone calls and e-mails we had to return, the trillion stories we had to write and edit and the kajillion photos we had to take. It was just too much for our little brain to handle.

So here we are on Friday, and we couldn’t be happier for this week to be over – except of course for that nagging feeling that we left the house with the stove on.***This letter cracked us up. A person from Kentucky visited out here for mountain biking, and had a celebrity reaction to a professional mountain biker. Who knew? Something tells us it’s becoming more popular in the strangest of places.Joe Bellante from Taylor Hill, Ky., wrote: “My friends, Mark and Becky, and my wife, Rachel, and I were out for dinner last Saturday in Breckenridge. We had spent the entire week riding mountain bikes on our vacation from Cincinnati, Ohio.

“So, we’re sitting at a small table eating firey hot noodles and drinking Fat Tire ales when Mark says, ‘Hey, isn’t that girl in the corner with the two guys a pro?’ After a few minutes of trying to place a face, sure enough, it was Alison Dunlap. “She was in Breck to race at the Keystone Climax mountain bike race the next day. “Mark stopped her after they finished eating and we introduced ourselves. Alison was super friendly and signed a few autographs. She wrote “Happy Trails” to Rachel.”I’m usually not star struck. But, I think we we’re all kinda goofy-eyed and marble-mouthed meeting a National Champion CX and World Champ MTB racer at a tiny little Thai restaurant at 10,000 feet. “We never had a chance to mention that we raced for Biowheels in Cincinnati with up-and-coming pro Amanda McKay. Alison and Amanda have trained together, and Alison even sent some of her extra gear to Amanda to help her out.

“Needless to say, by the time we said our good lucks and goodbyes, we forgot to get a group photo … and we had three cameras at our disposal. “So, to whoever reads this … please pass this on to Alison and tell her thank you from the stammering Biowheels racers she met at My Thai.”Alison, we hope you get the message. And how was the Thai?***Okay, like we said, it’s Friday. Enjoy.

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