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Breckenridge Ski Resort is sure getting marketing mileage out of its “But the town will still be your bitch” ad campaign appearing in selected youth-oriented, go-for-it magazines.As many know by now, the resort struck marketing paydirt with the campaign not meant for everybody’s eyes. Lucky for the marketing whizzes up on Peak 8, the word “bitch” turned out to be powerful enough to get everybody’s attention.Under the axiom that there’s not such thing as bad publicity, the resort should be enjoying the free media attention it is raking in. As soon as the snow flies, many will have forgotten what the mess was about, but will remember that something exciting is going on in Breckenridge besides snow.Summit Up is still nagged by a question, however.Where are all of these places in town where the Gen-ers are supposed to be having such a b–in’ time. At last count, three bars qualify as clubs, Sherpa & Yeti’s, the Liquid Lounge and Cecilia’s. At the Liquid Lounge, the Breckenridge Police Department is only moments away with its decibel meter to make sure sound ordinances aren’t being violated.Maybe the hot action is really taking place in those single-family, short-term rental houses that are causing so much trouble in the established, upscale neighborhoods. Leave it to Summit Up to make a Sherlock Holmes deduction on the real cause of the short-term rental mayhem crisis up in the Kingdom.Anyway, Summit Up will be launching an intensive investigation into all of this and will report at a later date on just where this raging good time will be had by all of the Gen-ers coming to town this winter, thanks the bitch ads.***Meanwhile, over at Copper Mountain, Hall of Famer Clif Taylor, inventer of the original method of easy ski instruction on short skies, thinks all of the resorts are missing the point about flat skier days – the success of his own Copper Mountain and Breckenridge notwithstanding.The real issue is the difficulty beginners have in mastering two skies strapped to their flatlander feet, Clif says. Ski instructors continue to teach beginners how to wedge. Clif says his methods teach skiing as dance moves that lead directly to parallel skiing. Wedging is something learned later to navigate lift lines.The 10th Mountain Division veteran who lead intelligence patrols up Riva Ridge in Italy during World War II devoted a lifetime to ski instruction. He invented the Graduated Length Method (GLM) of ski instruction that started beginners on very short skis and moved them up to longer skis as they mastered the moves. GLM was popular for a period in the 1960s and “70s.Clif’s work earned him berths in the Colorado and National Ski Halls of Fame.As for the bitch as campaign at rival Breckenridge, Taylor can only shake his head. If everybody from Gen-ers to baby boomers knew how easy it could be to learn how to ski, the industry’s problems would be over, Clif says.***Alan Briley comes as Frisco’s new town manager with Wal-Mart experience in his portfolio, which had to help him stand out in the selection process.It’s not that he struck a great deal for a Wal-Mart Supercenter in his former town of Ruidoso, N.M. It’s that he had to cope with an existing small Wal-Mart closing in his town and a new Supercenter opening in the next town because Ruidoso couldn’t come up with the real estate Wal-Mart wanted.The two-mile move cost Briley’s town $900,000 in sales taxes.Frisco is looking at a similar issue with its small Wal-Mart and a desire on Wal-Mart’s part to upgrade to a bigger store, if not a Supercenter that sells almost everything, including groceries. Now that Target is due to open in Silverthorne in March, the problem for Wal-Mart looms larger.In Summit County’s case, Wal-Mart is more or less trapped by a lack of centrally located real estate, except for the town’s 10-acre parcel behind Safeway. Wal-Mart and the town are worried about revenue Target will take away. The town can’t afford to lose revenue right when it is getting ready to start work on elements of its Parks and Recreation Master Plan.Now that Frisco elected officials have rezoned the 10 acres to accommodate a big-box store or almost any other commercial venture – and housing – it remains to be seen if Wal-Mart comes in from the cold.After all, why fight for rezoning with a sure-to-be-controversial Supercenter proposal on the table as a development application? That makes for two battles.As it was, the public comment about the rezoning of the parcel from parks and recreation to accommodations – a catch-all zone, proved to be early skirmishing on what is sure to be a coming battle.

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