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Summit Daily/Kristin Skvorc Wal-Mart candy and gum department manager Gloria Allen counts a delivery of tropical plants Tuesday in Frisco. The greenhouse received 200 tropical indoor plants of different varities.

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column hoping our mom’s world class chocolate chip cookies make the cut again this year.Here’s how good our mom is at baking cookies: Last year, on a whim, she sent a batch to Beaver Creek for their World’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Competition, and earned a free trip to the finals to show off her goods on opening day of the ski season.She showed up and, within 15 minutes, all 500 of her cookies were gone – along with two gallons of milk.We were there. We saw the feeding frenzy descend on all the tables, although, biased as we are, she made more kids smile. But, while our mom didn’t win the contest (it was rigged!), she did win a free trip to The Beave for the weekend. Her cookies, we tell you, could cause a revolution.(Here’s how the qualifying judging went: 50 percent taste, 20 percent appearance, 10 percent texture and 20 percent reproducible recipe. And, for the finals, it was all about public votes. It was rigged!)Anyway, the competition is back this year, and we’re pulling for our mom, not yours. Oh yeah, and our sister has the deft touch, as well. Anyway, we just hope someone in the family makes the trip and spends the weekend trying out their recipe on us. (Ah-ha, you say. Now you know the real motive.)

Because we’re spoiled cookie-loving children, we’re not going to give you the information on how to enter. You’re going to have to figure that out yourself. We owe the mother of Summit Up, and our taste buds, at least this much …***Dennis Lenahan from Frisco sent us a funny anecdote on Tuesday:”I was participating in a telephone interview regarding newspapers, radio stations and TV stations. After the interviewer asked me if I read a bunch of Denver and national papers (No, no, no …), he asked, ‘Is there any other newspaper you read regularly?'””Yes, Summit Daily News.””And how often is that published, sir?””Guess how tempted I was to say, ‘Once a week.’ Heeerrrrre’s your sign.”

***Evan Ratzan of Breckenridge is attending Hampshire College this fall. Evan, the son of Michael Ratzan of Breckenridge and Lynnette Smith of Denver, recently graduated from Summit High School.***Our “What the @#$*” story of the day comes to us courtesy of the AP and begins like this:”Bryan Richardson straddled his first bull at age 13. By then, he’d already been using chewing tobacco for four years.”Ugh. We tried to picture a 9-year-old spitting and chewing, and we just about spit ourselves.

Anyway, the story dealt with how one of America’s oldest rodeos took a shot at giving away free samples of tobacco at the Pendleton Round-Up, a 95-year-old event, but city officials stepped in and prevented the handout.”The primary goal was to keep it out of the hands of young people,” said Pendleton Mayor Phillip Houk. And for the addicted cowboys, maybe the financial hardship will be an incentive to quit, he added. “It’s kind of like a cowboy without a cowboy hat,” said bull rider D.J. Domangue, 23, from Houma, La. Yes, we think all these guys are crazy. We think it’s a good idea to stop chewing tobacco, and to stop riding two-ton bulls. In fact, tobacco seems pretty harmless next to a rampaging animal.***It’s Thursday, and our band name today is the “Bullspitters.” Leave us a voicemail at (970) 668-3998, ext. 257, or e-mail us at’re out rigging the cookie contest.

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