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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column wishing that cars ran on Kool-Aid.We decided today that we’re just going to have to stop driving, unless the powers that be can somehow figure out how to make our vehicle start running on the sugary sweetness of fruit punch or lemonade. You can get three packs of Kool-Aid for a buck! Imagine if all you had to do to get the clunker started in the morning was mix up a pitcher of orange-flavored Kool-Aid, pour in the obligatory heaping cups of refined, white sugar and feed it into your car.Plus, on long road trips, if you get a little thirsty, you just pull over with your straw, unscrew the fuel cap and drink to your little heart’s content.Seriously, though, we have heard about people running their vehicles on leftover grease from restaurants. We were actually driving behind one of these cars the other day, and the aroma filling our own car made us suddenly have a major craving for some KFC. Mmmm.Maybe we could get a car that ran on those biscuits. Or maybe one just made of those biscuits.On a side note (like this whole thing isn’t just a side note of itself), we were having a pretty deep intellectual discussion with a pal the other day, and wanted to pose the discussion dilemma to our fine readers:If two cars made of marshmallows were involved in a collision, would they stick together or just bounce off each other?***Speaking of cutting gas costs, we got an e-mail from the self-described “car pool chicks” this week:”The car pool chicks of Summit County would like to bid a fond farewell to one of our chicks, Anita, as she embarks on her new career of consulting. Anita’s presence in our daily trek from SC to Avon has added some unique perspectives on life (and driving ability) for which we will greatly miss her. Good luck and safe, but speedy driving.” The “chicks” are looking for a replacement to join their car pool. Qualifications: “Must have good sense of humor, drive fast and be able to supply food for those times we are stuck on Vail Pass due to road construction.” Interested commuters should reply to***It’s Friday and we’re walking to work today in protest of our empty wallet not being able to buy us any gas. Give us a shout at (970) 668-3998, ext. 257, if you have any other ideas for alternative fuel sources or a response to the marshmallow car dilemma. You can also e-mail us at sure hope these boots are made for walking …

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