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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column wishing it could pause this past weekend’s weather for at least another two weeks – or at least one more day.You see, for all of us slogging away in the Corporate Suites, peeking out the window at the flawless fall day and cursing the powers that be that created weekend workdays, we think we deserve at least three or four more crisp autumn afternoons before the harsh winter weather blows in. We know, we know – most people here in Summit Up land are anxious to see the temperatures drop and the flakes begin to fall. It’s almost October and that means local ski areas are firing up their snowmaking guns, the days are shrinking and perpetual ski bums are counting down the days until they can break out their summer-stashed skis or snowboards. They’ve been dreaming of carving through weightless layers of fresh pow-pow since A-Basin closed in early June, all the while satisfying their snow craving by scouring ski swaps for the best new setup for when that glorious opening day finally hails upon us. (Who cares if it’s the white ribbon of death for the first couple weeks?) But, wouldn’t it be nice to savor the sound of the aspen leaves dancing in the autumn wind for just a few more days? To be able to enjoy an evening hike or bike ride without wrapping up in scarves, hats, earmuffs, down jackets, snowboots, fleece pants, etc.? To wear flip-flops for one more week before constantly covering up our feet in layers of wool socks and Gore-Tex boots until next July when the warm mountain weather shines on us again? We can think of at least one person who might agree with us. Barbara from Peak One Surgery sent us some proof that she’s been out enjoying the last few days of fall (pictured somewhere on this page). She recently captured Dillon Reservoir framed through aspen trees from the trail above Masontown in Frisco. “Get out and enjoy/hike” was Barbara’s message.We’re with ya Barbara.***Moving along, we wouldn’t want to begin a Monday morning without some ridiculous news to warm up our senses.This story comes from the great state of Minnesota, which houses one of the most obnoxious displays of commercialism – the massive Mall of America.If the 4.3-mile-long shopping center wasn’t bad enough with its on-site amusement park, dinosaur museum and NASCAR speedway, now visitors can pay for something that’s been free for, well, as long as we can remember. Naps. That’s right, it is now possible that good old-fashioned sleep could put a pinch your pocketbook.A new store that goes by the name MinneNAPolis, will offer a little shut-eye to worn-down shoppers or bored husbands for the mere price of 70 cents per minute.And we’re not talking just any old nap. The sleep center plans to have at least three theme rooms, including Asian Mist (this would be weird if you actually were sprayed you while you slumbered), Tropical Isle and Deep Space.For those of you out there who aren’t mathematicians, 70 cents a minute works out to about $42 dollars an hour. This seems to be a little steep just for a mid-day rest – you could probably find a comparable rate at a nearby hotel, or, heck, just walk out to your car and catch a few zzz’s there.Besides, who could possibly expect to have any sort of relaxing catnap knowing that their wallet is getting thinner with each blissful minute that passes?And don’t get any crazy ideas. The store will be following a strict one person per room policy.***It’s Monday and we’re out gaping at the amber-streaked aspens. Let us know how you’re spending the last few precious days of fall at or leave us a message at (970) 668-3998 ext. 257We out …

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