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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column pretending we know something about fixing copy/fax machines.Well, we may not actually know anything about it, but yesterday, after finishing 50 billion stories to meet our deadline, we felt like we were on top of the world. We got the e-mail here at the Corporate Suites that the wonderful copy/fax combo was down and out, and a technician was on the way. Being that we were feeling superhuman, having met our deadline, we decided we could fix the copy machine.The Corporate Suites’ front desk gal told us that the machine said there was a paper jam, but no one could seem to see said paper. We opened the copy door and fumbled our nimble fingers around until we saw a sliver of white. The paper!Our ever-prepared front desk gal got us a pair of tweezers (Yes, she had tweezers on hand. You never know when some sort of eyebrow emergency might arise.), and we went to work – but to no avail! The paper remained securely jammed.Having no idea what we were doing, we stealthily removed ink cartridges, random black trays and some silver thingies. And there we saw it – the piece of paper jammed in the system. We didn’t know why it was jammed in there, and we didn’t want to know. All that mattered to us was getting it out and somehow getting all these parts back in place.Paper out, parts in, warming up, warming up … Rrrrrrrrr. Ah! That joyous copy-making sound! We did it! We’re totally adding this to our resume.We thought we deserved a reward or something, but all we got was the piece of paper back.***On that copy-makin’ note, Joni Ellis of Silverthorne sends us another Angel Alert! Angel Alert!”As Frisco-ites debate various enterprises coming to town, I’d like to say that it’s also nice to have locally owned small businesses in Summit County. Last week, Copy Copy had a sale. Taking advantage of such a discount, I pulled together all my business projects. All said and done, my copy order added up fast.”As I went to pay, I realized that I didn’t have my credit card. Frank, owner of Copy Copy, just laughed and told me to come by later that afternoon. He added me to another order that was also ‘coming back to pay.'”Frank, thanks for the generous sale, for trusting that I’d return with the money, and thanks to all your employees, particularly Himelda, who give your customers small-town service every day. It’s nice to have locally owned businesses thriving in our community. And yes, we did go back to pay!”Wings and halos, wings and halos … May your copy machine never break, Frank. But if it does, we can probably fix it.***It’s Friday! Woo-hoo!

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