Summit Up 11-10-09 |

Summit Up 11-10-09


Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column getting all fired up about fur-free Friday. In case you didn’t know is coming up Nov. 27. Word on the street is that Amanda, a local resident, is planning an anti-fur demonstration in Breckenridge, and she’s looking for help and participants.

MILLIONS OF SUMMIT UP READERS: “Fur-free? Won’t those poor critters freeze out there in winter without their pelts? We think God’s creatures deserve and need their fur, and we don’t see what the problem is.”

SUMMIT UP: Well, the problem is people are killing those critters to use the fur to keep themselves warm, or to make some kind of fashion statement. This was probably OK back in the caveman era, when every animal had to fend for itself, but ever since we invented polypro and Gore-tex, it just doesn’t seem right. It’s kind of like scalping animals just for the heck of it.

MSUR: “Aahhh, we get it now. It’s an ANTI-fur protest! Great, count us in. We’re down with social activism, and Breck could use a good protest to liven things up.”

SU: So contact Amanda, by e-mail at for all the info. There will be protests worldwide, and Amanda tells us she’ll supply all the materials, which we’re sure will include plenty of cool placards on sticks and what-not, and who knows, maybe there’ll even be hot eggnog after.


And we have some great reader responses to our riff on what it means to be a native. Here is Kimberly’s take: Anyone from Colorado will say Yes to every single item on your list in the Summit Up section of the Summit Daily News today.

This is a perfect list to actually tell if someone is from Colorado or just a transplant to our state or someone that calls themselves a local and really just came here from Ohio.

The best one is the item that says you have gone off-roading in a vehicle that was never intended for such activities … All of us that grew up in Colorado before the days of Explorers, Hummers and BMW-SUVs have experienced reaching remote parts of your state in a family station wagon. Not the fancy kind of station wagons with all-wheel drive… we are talking about the kind with wood paneling on the side and three seats in the way back without any type of seat belts.

Wow. Those were the days when our state only had a total of 3 million people at the max.

One more item should be added to the list…. People from Colorado also know that the uphill traffic has the right of way! And mountain bikes do not rule the hiking trails. The people walking actually have the right of way to them!

Thanks for the fun Summit Up section today.


And let’s keep the good times and good comments going. Here’s a li’l somethin’ or other from Susan over in Breckenridge.

“Thanks for the ‘You Know You’re From Colorado’ column … spot on (except, as you noted, the flip flop thing and taking a pass

on 4-wheeling) Note: I went to Casa Bonita in 1980, but it took me another 12 years to move to Colorado … is Casa Bonita still there? Do I need to go as an adult to solidify my Colorado-ness? Thanks for your column … always makes me smile (except, of course, when there are scum alerts!)

Thanks for writing in Susan. It’s also been years since we last visited Casa Bonita. We were just a li’l tyke back then, standing knee high to a Summit grasshopper.

We don’t remember much other than sitting in a cavern-like room with our family and watching divers leap off a cliff into a pool along with some decent Mexican food. What a place. We’re not sure if it’s still open, but there’s only one way to find out. Send us the pics when you go Sue.


From the Front Range back to Summit. How many of you out there have been up on the

hill already this season? We winter sports enthusiasts around the SU Corporate Suites here, have been out a handful of times to our various early season stomping grounds. We’ve hit a trio of opening days – one way back a month or so ago at Loveland and last week we were able to make a few turns at both Keystone and Copper. We’d like to give a shout out to all those who helped us get out on the mountain. You know who you are.


We out, hiding our coontail hat.

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