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Summit Up 11-24-09

Summit Up

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s once again looking for a little help with dream interpretation.

See, we heard from a friend who told us he dreamt about playing cello in a street concert with a bunch of freaky-looking buskers, including a violinist cloaked in sort of a Jedi-looking thing, a tuba player in a clown costume and a drummer wearing a Speedo and flippers.


SUMMIT UP: And you haven’t heard the best part. Our friend says he was using a windshield wiper to play the cello. Even though the other musicians told him he couldn’t do that, our friend kept right on playing until Yo Yo Ma appeared and said, “Hey, that sounds sweet. I gotta try that.”

All of this took place in local condo parking lot, with residents standing out on their balconies to watch the show.

MSUR: “Cool. Did they shower the performers with gold coins, or throw old rotten fruit down at them?”

SU: Hmmmm, dunno. Our friend didn’t say. But he was kinda baffled by the whole thing, since he doesn’t play the cello to begin with, isn’t a Star Wars buff and long ago made a vow to NEVER wear a Speedo.

MSUR: Weird. We’ll have to think on that one and get back to you, but off the top of our heads, we’re thinking it has something to do with a deep-rooted desire to perform.

SU: Could be. Any other thoughts, send ’em our way at


Now, we need to warn you that, not only can it be tough to write in cold weather with a pen (as referenced by yesterday’s Summit Up, via our intrepid sports reporter), but other dangers lurk. One of our readers took the time to call us and warn that pens can actually explode in cold weather.

Geez, we had no idea. An exploding pen sounds so, so … James Bond-ish, which we think is cool, but can also get pretty messy, so luckily, John, from Silverthorne (he’s getting to be a regular here) wrote to tell us about a newfangled pen used by astronauts. It’s the Fisher Space Pen and it costs $8, which is pretty pricey for a reporter these days, but then again, you don’t wanna miss the quote of a lifetime! John even told us we could find these babies online at and


OK, Leslie wrote asking for help in finding her lost pup. She had a long and rather woeful tale that we had to edit for space, but the gist of it is that Leslie really misses her little pal of 10 years. According to Leslie, Annie is almost 11 years old, has gray, reddish color coat, very spindley legs (odd looking), is debarked (sounds like she has a bad case of laryngitis). She’s been missing since Nov. 18 and Leslie thinks someone might have found her and kept her because she’s so danged cute.

Sounds like Leslie has already tried all the regular channels, i.e., the animal shelter, flyers and a “missing” ad in the paper, so, Summit Up readers, it’s up to you. If you’ve seen her, let us know at We out.

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