Summit Up 11-4-09 |

Summit Up 11-4-09

Ralph Eschborn II
Special to the DailyFor Halloween, Jeff Meyer and Katie Knudsen of Breckenridge were the red team from that old Nickelodeon game show Double Dare. Jeff and Katie were recently engaged, and if it's true that the couple that plays together stays together, they're off to a great start! Wedding is set for next August.

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column breathing a big sigh of relief after yet another Election Day! We know this wasn’t exactly Predator vs. Alien this year (wasn’t that a race back in the 90s?) but we always have to stay up past our bedtime to get the results (sound of sad violin) so that you, the reader, are an integrated part of the democratic process through the whole dealio (cue patriotic music; eagle lands on an apple pie that has the face of Thomas Jefferson embedded in the lattice crust).More importantly, we got this press release from some guys in Utah (and believe us, only guys would do this) who claim to have set the Guiness World Record for vegetable chucking. On Sunday, they launched a 10-inch pumpkin 4,623 feet out in Moab.”We’ve been working for 10 years for this moment, and second place doesn’t cut it. There’s just as much satisfaction when you look in the mirror and know that you did it as having Guinness acknowledge that we did it,” said Ralph Eschborn II, Co-Captain of the ‘Big 10 Inch’ team. “But we appreciate the fact that Guinness requires a lot of documentation so that when we get it, we know we’ve gotten the record officially, and any challenger will have to beat us fair and square!”As you can see from the photo below, these guys are not kidding around: That’s a serious piece of hardware they had to launch the pumpkin. It doesn’t really specify in this info we got what the rules are, but it looks like you have to use compressed air to do this. Not, like, gunpowder. Here’s more info:”Five of the eight-person team, whose members range in age from 23 to 66 years old, traveled more than 2,000 miles to Moab, Utah from the Delaware Valley on the East Coast to take advantage of the high altitude and attempt the Guinness Record. Ralph Eschborn, Pete Hill, John Piel, and brothers Alex and Eric Eschborn each played a key role in the victory based on their expertise in mechanics, electronics, fluid mechanics, ballistics, welding, pressure codes, spotting, etc. The team is en route back across the country to Sussex County, Delaware where they will compete next weekend in the World Championships. The team also includes Don Brill, Verne Weldman and Harry Harding.”Honestly, even we guys over here at the Summit Up Central Corporate Suites/Inside-out Dishwasher Building don’t entirely understand this, um, drive to launch gourds in the desert. On the other hand, our inner peacenik tells us that if men around the world devoted more energy to seemingly meaningless expressions of testosterone like this, there’d be less of them blowing up buildings and shooting guns and the like. So, our hats are off to the pumpkin-huckers -shoot pumpkins, not lead!If you want to see a video of this critter in action – and we highly recommend it – find Summit Up at***OK, we have a note here from the fabulous Julie Biller, who recently moved and sends us this note:”Greetings Great Folks: I just wanted to give you a quick update on my whereabouts and condition.Am safely in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia where I sunned myself on my porch during the day, and I played tennis under the lights tonight from 6-8 pm. When it was over, it was still 61 degrees.Not trying to flaunt anything, just showing you folks why I moved. The fall colors here are absolutely gorgeous and many more weeks to go of them.God bless you all, I do miss my friends. Please write back if you get a moment.”That’s it, folks. Gotta run. We’ve got this idea for setting a new world record in how fast you can get a gerbil to run away from a mongoose. We smell fear … and a spot in the record books!

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