Summit Up 11-5-09 |

Summit Up 11-5-09

Special to DailyHappy 12th birthday, Triza! Love you always, Mom, Zade, Tristan, and Rod.

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s ready to rumble with the Mongol hordes of Genghis Khan down at the Denver Museum

of Nature and Science this weekend.

We’re eager to learn all we can about the great Mongolian ruler. From the little bit we do know, he was misunderstood during his time, and his legacy has been misinterpreted since then. Far from being a bloodthirsty invader, Genghis was actually a lover of poetry and even kept twin gerbils as pets, nicknamed “Peanut” and “Pumpkin.” He had a special saddle made, with two little side pockets lined with mink fur, so his little furry friends could ride along. After the battles ended, Genghis would often be seen cuddling the rodents, and singing lullabies to them.

We’ve all heard the stories about how his hordes advanced all the way to what is now Poland back in the 1400s, but what we haven’t been told is that Genghis was an ace checkers player. He would spend hours at a time teaching the children of the people he enslaved the finer points of the game, while fixing them hot chocolate and making papier-mache lanterns.

OK, now that you’ve heard our version, you ought to get down to the museum in Denver to find out the real deal. They’ve got a special exhibit going on the Big Guy, and apparently there are even some special kids activities and discounts available for youngsters. We even saw that it’s possible to follow Genghis on Twitter (who isn’t twittering these days), getting real-time updates on his latest conquests. Get all the skinny at


If Genghis Khan is too rough-and-tumble for you, how about a cool fundraiser for the Summit Nordic Ski Club, coming up tonight at the Silverthorne Pavilion from 6-9:30 p.m. There’s dinner, door prizes, a silent auction and live music with The Grindz. And you could win a free family Nordic ski pass. Hmmm, wonder if Genghis skied?


And John, from Silverthorne, wrote back to answer some of our questions about, uhh, meat. Here’s what John had to say:

“I see by your column today that your are confused about cuts of meat. Understandable, as there are many and are not always sold under their correct names.

I have the solution: if you are interested I will loan (I stress LOAN, as it is out of print so I can’t get another) you the booklet “Lessons on Meat,” which tells all.

I could drop it off at the Summit Daily office some time. Let me know. At one time they had large charts for the wall if your office has some empty space.”

John, we are always eager to learn, so please bring it by and drop it off, C/O Summit Up. We’ll use it every day as the centerpiece of our column, writing ribald odes to rump roast, and merry little limericks about prime ribs, and by the time we’re done, why, we’ll be all schooled up on one of our favorite topics.

We out, saddling up.

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