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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column solving the debate – yes, this season has been epic.We’ve been hearing everyone see-saw on the question, and we figure that, well, it doesn’t get much better than this. According to the resorts, 22 of the last 30 days have been powder days, and we remember entire seasons that didn’t have 22 powder days.Halfpipes are open. Mountains are nearly 100 percent open. And, outside our windows at the Corporate Suites, all we can see are piles of snow. In fact, as we look at the piles (freshly covered with last night’s snow, we might add) we imagine them to be little ski hills. The one out our window right now looks pretty similar to Peak 9 and 10 at Breckenridge, with the little black flecks looking to be skiers having the time of their lives.See, this is when you know it’s been epic. When all you see is little skiers and ski slopes every where you look …***We got a caller concerned with a story we ran a while ago about a guy getting stuck to a toilet seat with super glue. For one, he said, the guy had it happen before. Who gets stuck to two toilet seats in one life? And two, he said, super glue dries very fast, so someone would have had to put it on the seat seconds before he sat down. Just points to think about, the caller said.Good points, we say. But this guy has his story, and he’s sticking to it …***This Scum Alert! Scum Alert! goes out to the (blankety blankin’) skanks that burglarized Ptarmigan Mountain roads P and L on Monday afternoon. “To my knowledge, you hit four homes – one of them was mine,” reported one of our readers.”While you didn’t gain entry, you bashed out a window, destroyed my back door, terrorized my dog and took away my sense of security. I have lived here, safely, for 25 years. And now I’m terrified.You then hit three other homes, invading two of them. Thanks so much for sharing during the holidays.May you find yourself the only naked woman on a Greek freighter. What goes around, comes around, you piece of (blankety), and somehow, you’ll get yours.”***We must be getting close to the holidays. We have another Scum Alert! Scum Alert! This time, it goes out from a caller to all the gas stations that feel its their right to be 50 cents more expensive than Denver.”I refuse to buy anything at the gas stations,” the caller said, “because of the excessive prices.”Well, we’re pretty perturbed here. We’d love an explanation. So, if you work at a gas station and have answers, please e-mail us at We want to give you a fair shot – we know the press hasn’t been too kind lately.***We get a bunch of cryptic e-mails here, especially with the holiday shopping season upon us, and we just don’t get it. Here’s one, for example:perfect for xmasfor men and womenrol.x and bretlnghighest qulity038.municipaldel.comdkbguwv ojjpr ymceawmxDon’t you just love it when the subject line and content of an e-mail is filled in with a bunch of random letters? We just can’t wait to open these e-mails up, sure that we are going to move one step further along on our quest for enlightenment, once we can decode the embedded wisdom. This one was especially intriguing, with a return address of More cryptic wisdom, as in, “Buy a Rolex or I’ll break your arm?”Whatev.

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