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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that really wants to get our Christmas tree the old-fashioned way this weekend but is being a big baby about the chilly temps.Last year, we went out into the designated forest area (with a permit, of course) and searched high and low for the perfect tree.But this year, we can hardly step outside into the warmth of our car, much less run around in the snow looking for a symmetrical tree that’s shorter than our ceiling.

We’ve considered just going to a tree lot, but that would just detract from the experience. Plus, every time we look at the tree, we’d just remember how we wimped out.Kathie Kralik, director of our Summit County 4-H program, dropped us an e-mail reminding us of this very point: “Hey all you wimps in Somewhat County this week; smile this is great pine beetle killing weather! Just throw another dog on your bed.”OK, point taken. But the whole dog in the bed thing doesn’t help with the whole walking around in the woods sitch.

So, we’re just going to buck up and get out there today. We’ll be the one with hand warmers taped to our body.***’Tis the season, but apparently some people are being robbed of their holiday spirit. So, we have a Scum Alert! Scum Alert! from Aimey.”My best friend in the world had her red Neon stolen out of our Wildernest condo parking lot,” she wrote. “This in itself is pretty bad, but here’s the kicker. She has cancer and can’t get to her chemo treatments down in Denver, because now she doesn’t have a car. So she has to ask a friend to take her down to Denver to get her chemo because HER CAR WAS STOLEN!

“It just sounds so insane. Please send some bad karma their way.”We’d like to send more than bad karma their way, but for now, that’ll have to do. May that red Neon turn into Stephen King’s “Christine” and eat you, you dirty thieves.***

We say it’s high time for another Summit Up contest. Pictured somewhere on this page is a cute little dog with a copy of our paper. We invite all you folks to send in a picture of your pooch with the Summit Daily. The one we like the best wins a copy of a book called “Wild Dogs: Past and Present” by Kelly Milner Halls.We’re sure this book would look great on someone’s coffee table … or holding up the wobbly end of your kitchen table.Deadline for photos is Saturday, Dec. 17. You can e-mail them to or bring ’em on by the Corporate Suites.Hasta …