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Special to the Daily This photo looks like we feel some days. Tessa, according to our lovely coroner Joanne Richardson, is the best dog in the world! Joanne even sent photos of Tessa with a Red Sox cap on, but we decided for the more neutral, snow-covered dog pic to run in today's column.

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s had far too much holiday cheer in the form of edible delights.Cookies, cake, candy, chocolates, truffles, caramel popcorn, cheese popcorn, buttered popcorn, brownies, chocolate covered pretzels – ugh. Just listing the stuff is making our stomach turn.

Sure, we’re generally a big fan of holiday confections, and we’re quite thankful to all of the kind folks who have brought goodies to the Corporate Suites; but this is serious overload on our rising blood sugar levels.We’re sure we’ll recover soon, but this is really putting a damper on the rest of the holiday season. No more brownies, no more Santa-shaped gingerbread cookies. While everyone else is scarfing down peanut butter balls, we’ll be nibbling on Saltines and sipping ginger ale.

We’re a little concerned about dropping the sweets cold turkey, though. ***We love it when people get so surprised at friendly Summit County folks, they call us to brag about their experience. For example, we walked in Tuesday morning and found a cheery message from Claire and Dwight from Idaho, who had some troubles with the snow on Monday night.

Here’s what happened. The Idaho residents don’t like to drive in snow, but out here, they had no choice. And, not too far away from Frisco, they got stuck on the side of the road.That’s when the mystery angel pulled in behind them. The young lady wearing a blue coat not only got them unstuck, but escorted Claire and Dwight back to a hotel in Frisco, where the angel confessed: She was wearing a neck brace, and shouldn’t have been helping anyone in any ditch.

Yet, she earned her wings, and she impressed Claire and Dwight, that’s for sure. Claire now thinks this county is full of angels, and can’t wait to return. She said, “You had an angel save us, and we will be back again.”Whoever the angel is, you know who you are. And, so does Karma. Ask, and ye shall receive.It’s Saturday and we’re out for Christmas Eve …