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Special to the Daily Harry The Dog sent us this picture of himself, all ready to go on an adventure. Harry, stay cool.

SUMMITUPGood morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column announcing itself the winner of a contest – for best idea for a contest.

See, this cute dog contest we’ve been running the past week has had us cracking up in the newsroom, and we want to thank everyone for taking the time to send us their photos. We’ve had dogs in costume, dogs reading the paper, dogs looking weird and dogs, well, just being dogs. And, we say, “Keep them coming!” We’ll get everyone’s photo in the paper at some point, and we still think the eventual winner for having the “Cutest Dog” is still out there.

Send your photos to We’ll be waiting to start our next contest soon, although we doubt we could do better than this one. But, if you have an idea, let us know.***

Cathy Maybury wrote us a thank you e-mail with Angel Alert! Angel Alert! written all over it. We have to admit, it’s a feel-good story for a feel-good time of year.Cathy writes: “I’d really like these wonderful people to get a public acknowledgment in the column if possible. Here’s the story:

“Last Thursday morning I lost my engagement ring. I had run a few errands between stopping off at work, so by the time I discovered the loss, the ring could’ve been in several locations (outside my work at the old County Courthouse, City Market, or Loaf N’ Jug – all in Breckenridge). After exhaustive searching, I filed a police report and left my name and number with City Market and Loaf N’ Jug, as well as notifying everyone who works in my building and adjacent. Saturday a man found the ring when he kicked into it while checking his oil at the Loaf N’ Jug pumps, and he brought it in. Scotty at Loaf N’ Jug called me with the super news and I came and got my ring back yesterday. Wow!”Anyway, I think Scotty and his friend who found the ring on the ground deserve kudos. They sure made my Christmas a lot merrier!”Here’s a big “Happy Holidays” to Scotty. Karma also rides a sleigh, and she’s coming to your house with a big pile of bonus points this year.

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