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Special to the Daily Aaaaah. We knew this contest would be cool. Deborah Stowell writes, "I wanted to send a picture of our dog to enter your contest that I read about in the Summit Daily today. Here is my boss' dog, Bosley, taking a break after a play session with his favorite toy by reading the Summit Daily." Send your cool dog pictures to's Caption: Aaaaah. We knew this contest would be cool ... "I wanted to send a picture of our dog to enter your contest that I read about in the Summit Daily today! Here is my boss's dog, Bosley, taking a break after a play session with his favorite toy by reading the Summit Daily!" Deborah

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that is all about spending three hours and some change on that new monkey movie.Ah, the blessed love story of a woman and her ape. How can you possibly say no to that?Well, we suppose you could say no to it because of the bazillion dollars it costs to go to the movies these days. Sure, you could wait for the film to be released on DVD (or video, for those of you still living in the age of VHS). But that still costs money the money to rent the flick, the gas money to drive to the rental store and the money to pay the late fee when you return the movie’s plastic case on time but accidentally leave the actual movie in your DVD player for an extra three days.That’s why we usually wait for movies to be televised on the Super Station. Free with a capital F. That’s what we’re talking about.Well, it’s not REALLY free. There’s that whole paying for cable thing we occasionally forget to do. Plus, there’s all that time that cable sucks from our lives time we could be using to do an actual job and get paid for it.Without it, though, we’re starved of such lovelorn gems as “Cheaters,” “Blind Date,” “The Fifth Wheel” and “Next.” We enjoy those love stories about women and their apes when we can’t sleep or when we’re up for watching TV hosts get stabbed by angry cheaters or random people drunkenly hook up in a hot tub on national television.Ah, bad dating shows and some Easy Mac. That’s what we’re really talking about.King Kong, guess we’ll see you in five years or so when you make it to the small screen. Perhaps you’ll make it onto “Blind Date” before then.***The “eye booger” discussion continues with an e-mail Courtney from Breckenridge sent us:”When I was but a youngin’, my pops told me that the crusty stuff that was in my eyes when I woke up was actually sand left by none other than the Sandman (of course). Now I don’t remember WHY this shady, sandy character was putting sand in little kid’s eyes I’m sure it had something to do with being naughty or something like that. Either way, the Almighty One did not create eye boogers, he/she created the Sandman, who in turn causes eye boogers. Duh!”By the way, with gas prices the way they are here in Somewhat County, maybe we should start a community eye crusties jar, and when it’s full we can test it as an alternative fuel source. Let me know.”We’ll get back to you, Courtney, just as soon as we stop dry heaving.Rhonda Machado wrote us a letter the other day that was so beautiful, we felt it was fit for Summit Up. She wrote:I wish that I could sing a song about a world that honors peace & love. To spread the ancient news once more to open and not close the door to peace & love, of hope and trust.I’d sing of sharing instead of stealing, brother to brother we all.I’d sing these words from my heart because you see peace starts with just one person who then can pass it on.Let’s join together on this excursion of life … the world would have much less strife.I’d sing how we all live, breathe and bleed the same as people whom are treated less humane.Now instead of singing of these virtues let’s join together and live them each day. Start by saying this simple phrase “love one another, give peace a chance.”Today, give someone a smile, see how your life is enhanced.***It’s Saturday, and we’ve got loads of Christmas shopping to do unless everyone on our list wants a copy of the Summit Daily News. We hear they’re quite valuable.Hit us up at (970) 668-3998, ext. 13600, or’re off like a dirty shirt …

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