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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column stuck in your chimney.Yep, we thought we’d be clever this morning and try and give some gift-wrapped karma to all the angels we’ve alerted the community to this year, but before you could say, “Wow, that’s a nice gift,” we got stuck in your chimney.We have to admit, at first, we thought you had a very nice chimney. Yet, it was smokey in there. And the ash made us sneeze. And all this karma we were carrying started to get heavy. In fact, we started wondering what we did wrong to end up in that tight, dark place.Millions of Summit Up Readers: You didn’t use Santa Claus!

Summit Up: Oh. You’re so correct.We should have known! We went above the head of the greatest made-up karma-dealer on the planet. He, after all, is the one who knows if we’ve been naughty or nice, or not. And, we guess since we ended up in your chimney, we must have been naughty this year. So, as we scramble and climb our way back up through your chimney, we here at Summit Up pledge to do better next year, to be more positive and to stay alert to all the goodness, badness and silliness that goes on in Summit County.

Now, if you have a moment, please get us out.***Before we go, it’s one of our field agents’ 27th birthday today. He wears flip flops, grows mangy beards, wanders around and preaches, but he’s not Jesus, nor is he Santa Claus, and nor is he anything to do with Christmas lore.

In fact, he says, while everyone’s opening their gifts this morning, he’s going to be sliding down a quiet, calm hill somewhere feeling good to be alive. And that’s it. From the mountain top, he wishes everyone a happy, safe and thoughtful holiday.***Since we have a little more space today, we just wanted to say “Thanks” to everyone for sending in their “cutest dog” pics.

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