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Special to the Daily This is a picture of Vinnie Castillo, a racing Greyhound who ran for four years. He retired six years ago and we were lucky to be his adopted family. He loved his retirement and his toys. He slept in his kennel with his Teddy bear. Unfortunately, he passed away Dec. 5. We miss him terribly. - Pat, Jim, and Bill Dover

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column welcoming all the visitors for another fun-filled holiday week in Somewhat County.The snow, we surmise, is to blame for the sudden uptick in population, which, of course, means more traffic, emergency calls and lost snowboarders and skiers.

So, while we thank the visitors for coming here, we also thank our local rescuers, law enforcement and, well, anyone who works more during the holidays than any other time of the year.It’s a Summit County thing: Our holidays are on generic Tuesday mornings with a foot of fresh snow.***

Of course all this snow can have a downside, at least if you’re not careful. So it went for the upside-down red SUV we saw just off Highway 6 near Keystone recently. While the driver appeared to be OK, looking perhaps slightly sheepish and chagrined as the trooper handed him a ticket, we gotta wonder how you slide off the road and go upside-down on a gently tilted and rather straight stretch of road where the speed limit is 45 mph? Going too fast? Trying to eat an Egg McMuffin, light a cigarette and talk on your cell phone at the same time? Who knows! All we can say is, this type of thing really tends to ruin a good powder day, so slow down, heads up and eyes on the road.Then there was the guy who parked (or we should say tried to park) next to us up at the Basin, in the lot just alongside the road, just up past the hairpin turn above the lodge. Our man (let’s call him Bond, James Bond) comes whipping down from the direction of Loveland Pass in his new Dodge Magnum or some such vehicle, and even though there are dozens of spots available, swings within a foot of the trusty Subaru and proceeds to ram his front end into the snow berm.

No harm there, but then he tries to gun the engine (we’re talking rear-wheel drive) while his front wheels are turned practically sideways. No luck with that tactic, so he jumps out of the car and without so much as a hello, goodbye, please or thank you says (to us and several other innocent bystanders) “Hey, I need you help, can you come push me out?”Go figure!***

Tyler Tatro of Breckenridge (SHS class of 2001) graduated from the C.U. School of Business on Dec. 17. Ty will join the family business, Snowbridge Roto-Rooter, in January.***Good tidings from Jen Harris of Silverthorne: “I would like to send in an Angel Alert for all of the staff at the Silverthorne Post Office. As everyone in Summit County knows, it can be a pain to get packages during the holidays.

“Even though you’ve told your family 100 times, they will still try to mail you packages at your physical address even if you live in an area without mail delivery. This holiday season, the wonderful folks down at the Silverthorne Post Office were doing their very best to match up packages with the recipients instead of simply returning them to the sender. “In fact, they had a running list of names of people looking for packages and would personally call you if your package came in. I received a call on Saturday at 2 p.m. that my package had arrived and I could pick it up even though it was an hour after they had offically closed. ” I even heard one of the employees offering to drive some packages to a person’s work since they were not able to take it themselves. Wow, what a way to remind people of the holiday spirit! They certainly were going above the call of duty this year. Thanks & Happy Holidays to all of you!!”