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Special to the Daily This is Kannah Lee in her first time in snow... she seems to like it. However if she picks up any more speed we might see lift off. - Rich and Gail Sanville

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column wishing everyone a Happy New Year’s Eve Eve … or something. The giddiness of the new year always hits us a day early, which we can only explain this way: the premonition of reckless fun carries with it its own energy, not unlike a fire prod to the arse.

It’s bad. We sit around on the Eve Eve staring at the champagne bottle, protecting it like a woverine protects its newborn. We stare out our window and, in the sky, we see floating bowls of potato salad. At night under the stars, we dance beneath the galaxy’s great disco ball.Deep down, we feel like this is our favorite holiday. There’s no religious confusion – or, in our most recent case, na-na-nanny boo-booing from certain religious folks who feel that their god’s holiday is better. It’s a holiday not specific to our country, yet blowing up fireworks is still acceptable behavior. It’s the simplest of all holidays – the one where we, as a world, celebrate the new year – that’s it. And, the funny thing is, we all do it the same way.We kiss each other and hug our friends.

And this gets us back to the champagne, which we feel should get a lot of the credit for many of the good vibes this world takes into the new year. We know, for a fact, that most people spend the next 365 days not drinking champagne, and we’re guessing that they also don’t hug their friends as much, either (or blow up fireworks, but that’s another matter).And that’s it. Have a wonderful Eve Eve, don’t drink and drive, and have fun.***

Reports are starting to trickle in from our field agents around the country, and we’d like to pass on some of this critical information to you. From Atlanta, for example, we hear that the snow came in liquid form this year, with temps in the 50s it was too warm for the frozen version. Thanks for that update Valerie, and have a safe trip to the High Country. Be sure to stop in and say hello here at Summit Up headquarters in person, so we can regale you with further stories of holiday debauchery.

***Tyler Tatro of Breckenridge (SHS class of 2001) graduated from the C.U. School of Business on Dec. 17. Ty will join the family business, Snowbridge Roto-Rooter, in January.***

It’s Friday, and our band name today is “Martha Martha Martha.” Send e-mails to, or leave us a voicemail at (970) 668-3998, ext. 13600.We’re out like velvet underwear.

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