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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column apologizing to Texas and Oklahoma.Now, before you start calling us Texas-lovers, please let us explain. We do owe both Texas and Oklahoma an apology, and it needs to be truly sincere. So, please wipe the smirk off your face, clear your mind of skepticism and join us.To Texas and Oklahoma,

We sincerely apologize for receiving all this snow, and leaving you no precipitation at all. Now, your houses and fields are burning from the drought. Now, you can relate to us in Colorado, who have had to deal with the drought the last six years and have seen our houses, our fields and our forests burn.Mainly, we say we’re sorry, but we hope you can understand how water usage and growth go hand-in-hand. Mainly, water only becomes a problem when it runs out, which it is doing at a rapid rate.With the upmost sympathy, we say good luck in repairing and rebuilding your structures that were destroyed. We say good luck in figuring out how to prevent this in the future – because a drought will happen again.

Sincerely,Summit Up***

The cute dog deadline has passed. Thanks for contributing – we will be running the 50-plus photos we’ve received the past two days during the next week. Finalists will be announced soon …***A pair of Angel Alerts! Angel Alerts! to hand out today. The first comes to a Summit Daily News driver. The sender wrote: “Last Thursday driving to Breck for my second day of jury duty – I was running late due to “traffic jams.” One of your drivers let me into a long line of traffic (around Breck golf course). He was truly an angel (and it wasn’t so late that I got thrown in jail!)”

The other one is long overdue and goes to Jared and the staff at Big O’ Tires right before the Fourth of July weekend last summer. The sender writes: “I received some grim news. I needed to get to east Texas ASAP, and like all of us, had been putting off getting new tires. Jared got me all set and aligned and told me after I returned from this 3,000-4,000 mile drive to come back in so he could rotate and check the wear. He even remembered my circumstance for driving to Texas and expressed his sympathy on the loss of my brother.”***It’s Saturday, and we’re going through college football withdrawal already. Drop us a line at’re out making the most of all that snow …

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