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Special to the Daily Boo! Peter of Wildernest sent us this with a message: "I caught sight of this after clearing my driveway. I knew I was being watched!"

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column still pondering the phrase, “Eat crow.”Now, one of our staffer’s has been ordered to eat a lot of crow during the past week, as he picked Texas to lose in the NCAA championship football game. However, we’re still not sure what the intended impact of “eating crow” really is, so we have a bunch of questions.

Would one “eat crow” to leave a bad taste in one’s mouth? Is it to do something disgusting? Is it to eat a filthy bird? All of the above? Is one, then, supposed to learn a lesson?We guess so. But we still aren’t sure about the origin of such a saying. Are there any other “Eat crow” meanings? Do we have it all wrong? Where did this phrase come from?

And, then there’s the taste. Is there any nutritional benefit to eating crow? Has any of our readers tasted crow before? Is it like chicken?Inquiring minds want to know.

***An Angel Alert! Angel Alert! goes out to the Summit Cove community from the Walters family. They write: “Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the wonderful families in Summit Cove and surrounding areas for the incredible help and support the last four months. The meals that were provided when I broke my leg were delicious! The help with our move – packing, moving and unpacking – was wonderful, but most of all the help with the kids, love and prayers you all gave us during surgery in October got all of us through a rough time. We are so lucky to live in such a great community. Thanks again to all of you.” – Jeff, Beth, Stefanie and Weston.

***Catherine Cockburn, an occasional Breck resident and full-time dog lover, was disappointed we ended the cute dog photo competition. But, we still have plenty of photos to go, so her disappointment, well, might be a bit premature.

She wrote: “Awwwww! Don’t be mean and finish the Cute Doggie Contest so soon. My family and I are Aussies and had to leave our gorgeous yellow lab at home ‘cos of the quarantine restrictions to get her back into Aus. Freddie would just love it here in all the snow, so we’re getting our doggie kicks vicariously through your column. Plus, now we read your column whereas we didn’t always.:-) It’s the first part of the paper my husband turns to these days.”My fave article so far is on the moron who was driving his SUV down Four O’Clock run – now that I would have loved to have seen!”

***It’s Tuesday, and we’re out eating some more crow. Let us know if you have any answers to today’s questions by e-mailing, or leaving a voicemail at (970) 668-3998, ext. 13600.We’re out buying mouthwash …

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