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Special to the Daily "These are photos of Kisca (Dachshund on the right) and her new brother, Porter (Alaskan Malamute), at 8 weeks. This was Porter's first time playing in the snow after my husband and I brought him home on Christmas day. Kisca is happy to have a big brother to play with." - Marianne and Corbet Hoover, Frisco

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that thinks the Denver Nuggets needs new entertainment. See, the Nuggets themselves are a great show, as we saw this week when they took on Lebron and company. However, everything else was, well, a bit weird.

For example, the Nuggets have three chearleading squads, as far as we can tell. They were spaced around the court like security guards. Why have three? And, do you need a dance squad as well? Also, the announcer hyped up the halftime entertainment, saying it was “rated No. 1 in the NBA last season.” So, as we prepared for elephants and flaming rings, we got an overweight guy who juggled people with his feet. Now, we couldn’t do what he was doing, but we’d also prefer that this overweight guy would keep his legs shut while he was juggling. (Let’s just put it this way. There was a Battle of the Bulge, and it had nothing to do with the Civil War.)

Now, you’re asking, so what do you want? Well, if we can’t get elephants and flaming rings, we’d prefer a live band, little kids playing basketball, giveaways or, of course, any one of the three chearleading teams. Just no more Captains of the Bulge. And, frankly, we could have stood for a moment of silence because, between the announcer and the music on the loud-speakers, the sound was more constant than traffic between Breck and Frisco. We walked out of the Pepsi Center with a brain full of fuzz.

And, while we’re complaining, we have to say this: Nachos need to be more prevalent at all sporting events. A fan should never have to walk half way to Babylon just to find some tortilla chips and some cheese sauce.Harumph. Overall, the game was fun though. Nuggets 90, Lebron 89.

***A Happy Birthday salute goes out to Bryan, who turns 46 today. A lot of people love him around here, and they ask that we print their Happy Birthday message: “Happy Birthday from your wife and your kids, and may you be well and happy.”

***Our band name today is the Halftime Shows. Call us at (970) 668-3998, ext. 13600, or e-mail

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