Summit Up 12-12-12: Sometimes half a dozen will suffice |

Summit Up 12-12-12: Sometimes half a dozen will suffice

Summit Up
Special to the Daily

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only column that is marveling at the wonder that is 12/12/12.

According to our nifty mental math, today’s three-pack of 12s won’t come around for another 100 or so years. To mark this stupendous occasion (and because we highly doubt any of the intrepid staffers currently taking up residence at the Summit Up Corporate Suites will be around in a century) we’ve searched long and hard to compile a Top 12 list of our favorite things that are somehow related to today’s lucky number. So without further ado:

12. A dozen (12) donuts from Daylight Donuts in Breck. Honestly, it doesn’t get much better than a hot donut on a cold morning, and the best part is that when you buy a dozen you have enough for friends.

11. Twelve days of Christmas. We can never remember what all the gifts are in the song, but we’re pretty sure that it has something to do with a bird and a fruit tree.

10. Twelve-ounce cans. What would American obesity be without a ubiquitous soda (or adult beverage) can?

9. Twelve inches in a foot. Until we’re forced to switch to the metric system, we’ll stick with our inches and feet – even if it is harder to remember.

8. Twelve eggs in a carton. It seems that there just aren’t too many better ways to get your daily allotment of protein than from an egg. Lucky for us and this list they’re sold by the dozen.

7. A dozen months in a year. We’re not really sure why, but we always found the number of months very comforting.

6. Peyton Manning. We know his number is 18, but 18 is just one-and-a-half times 12. We really don’t know how you can go wrong with someone that has given new life to a fanbase that has been searching for inspiration since ol’ No. 7 hung up his cleats more than 12 years ago.

Well, we’d love to keep going but frankly we’ve run out of cool things that have something (anything really, no matter how far-fetched) to do with the number 12. We figured we made it more than halfway through the list considering there are less than 12 of us today at the ol’ world headquarters.

That’s all we’ve got. Catch ya next time, same bat time, same bat place.

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