Summit Up 12-13-09 |

Summit Up 12-13-09

Summit Daily/Mark Fox

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column conceived as we gape at the entrance of Walmart in Frisco.

This month marks 20 years since “Christmas Vacation” was released.

After more than 100 viewings, the scene where Chevy Chase – “Clark Griswold”- rides his greased saucer into a Dumpster at 840 North Summit Boulevard continues to draw audible chuckles.

This film and “Dumb and Dumber,” arguably the two greatest comedies of all time, both have some worthwhile scenes filmed in our winter wonderland.

“Die Hard 2” was a decent film with a few scenes shot in Breckenridge. It also had a Christmas theme.

We figure these films were shot in these parts more for the consistent snow setting than the charming culture, but the latter probably helped.

All three were released between 1989 and 1994. There have since been no particularly relevant features taped in these parts.

We’re thinking it’s high time Clint Eastwood returned to the region – possibly for a third installment in the “Every Which Way But Loose” saga.

Is Clyde still kicking?

We sure hope so.

Hardened and distinguished at 79, Eastwood looks like he’d be up for a few more brutal, extended fight scenes.

The man produces a new blockbuster every year!

With Georgetown as a previous filming location, the new film’s plot could easily be written for a location a bit higher.

It’s not like the other two movies had much of a story, anyway: Fight, chase the woman and feed the ape.

We sure wish they’d come up with more films featuring apes, many of whom are capable of out-acting today’s big Hollywood hotshots.

Remember when Cary Grant’s or James Stewart’s characters would lose their composure and flip out?

They were quite convincing. These days the popular guys like Clooney and Damon seem to be too cool get crazy.

But maybe we just don’t like them as much.

People these days aren’t as stiff in real life as people were back in the 40s, so maybe there’s less reason to freak out like a madman.


Well if there’s one thing we hate about the winter, it’s the chill of the automobile.

Our garage isn’t heated, and if it was, we’d be renting it out for a few extra bones.

So we get up every morning and fire up the ignition before returning to breakfast – which makes it nice when we drive four blocks to work.

But while that’s adequate for transportation, it doesn’t do much good when it’s time to clean all the garbage out of our floorboards and trunk area.

The heat leaves quick with the doors open, so every winter we accumulate a base of papers, bags and knick-knacks a few feet deep.

It’s pathetic. We know.

It’s Sunday and we’re warming by the fire with those cliche holiday films we drag out every year to feel festive.

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