Summit Up 12-13-12: Balance is key |

Summit Up 12-13-12: Balance is key

Summit Up
Special to the Daily

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s assessing our Christmas tree ornament placement.

To achieve a perfectly balanced design, each piece needs to be carefully evaluated and placed in its own special nook. One large ornament on the right side should be balanced with an equally large ornament on the left side. See where we’re going with this?

Millions of Summit Up readers: I bet it takes forever decorating like that!

Summit Up: You’re absolutely right, but ’tis the season and the opportunity to showcase our superior interior design skills only comes around once a year. Call it a case of Christmas tree OCD.

Size balancing isn’t where it ends, we strive to color coordinate as much as possible, too.

So imagine your ornament collection weighs heavy with fixtures: Distribute those evenly throughout. With just a handful of bright, white ones: Also do your best to place those evenly across the tree.

Now lighting is a whole different story. To avoid any possibility of tackiness, throw away the hand-me-down-tinsel and flashing lights. In this day and age less is more. We prefer white, but it’s truly up to you – actually it’s up to your wife. Listen to your wife, but try to lead her in the direction of at least sticking with one color.

And themes! For the most gloriously decorated Christmas trees consider grouping themes. This may seem like a laboriously long way to approach your tree, but trust us, we’re professionals.

With smaller groups – say your collection features three nice superhero (collectable of course) ornaments – what you should do is place them closely together. We have this nice Superman ornament that features Clark Kent in a phone booth – battery operated and awesomely cool (it even lights up!) – and we center him among the other two superheros (Batman and Spiderman to be exact) and, BAM!, perfect balance. So aesthetically pleasing, it’s almost unsettling.

But rest assure, if you follow these little tips, your guests will surely notice a difference this holiday season. So if you’ve already decorated your tree, perhaps a little tweaking is necessary with this new-found knowledge.

Playing Mr. Hankey’s Christmas album in the background is also strongly encouraged. We out.

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