Summit Up 12-14-10: Where we know we already saw you in the cereal aisle |

Summit Up 12-14-10: Where we know we already saw you in the cereal aisle

by Summit Up

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s still coming down off a fantabulous weekend of powder turns, great music, family and friends. Whew! It was a busy one, and our quads are still singin’ from the 15 or so inches of fresh goodness we encountered up on Sierra lift at Copper on Saturday.

Good stuff. And as if it weren’t enough that we have the best ski county in the world, we received some info that confirmed it even more for us. Pull up a chair and have a listen, why don’t you:

“Jackson Hole Mountain Resort slashed the price of a season pass by 25 percent, bringing it to $1,255. That’s the lowest price since the 1980s for a full-privilege ski pass.”

Yep, that’s what it costs to ski in other places. A season pass at Aspen is like seventeen-hundred bucks. Stowe, Vt.? $1,879! Steamboat? $1,199!

Yep, competition is good. So next time you see some VR or Powdr Corp. exec, shake their hand and tell them to keep it up!


Less good news comes from Jonathan Bergstrom, owner of Cool River Coffee House and Bakery in Breck, who issues this Scum Alert! Scum Alert!:

“To whoever knocked down Scotty Bondo’s snow sculpture ‘TSA remove your shoes’ polar bears inspecting penguins snow sculpture at Cool River on Main St Breck. This piece of art is temporary anyway, but we

didn’t even get to enjoy it for 12 hours before someone wrecked it. Human Karma works as surely as the sun rises and rivers flow.”

Tis true, Jonathan, and if you don’t believe it, just test it out. Take some candy from a baby or try cutting in front of Granny in line at the liquor store. You’ll find out about karma later on when you’re in the supermarket with your wife and you get a paper cut in the lemons and lime section of the produce aisle whilst every ex girlfriend you’ve even had happens to be shopping that day and feels the need to open up about your past.

That’s a thousand pointy arrows of bad karma!


Speaking of the grocery store, have you ever been in there and seen a friend, and you chat a little and then say good-bye only to see him or her a little later on? What do you do, what do you say?

We’ve broached this topic before (although, granted, it was like 15 years ago so we feel OK bringing it up again) and we still don’t have an answer about what’s the best course of action. Do you say hi again? Ignore them? Pretend you didn’t see them already and start a new conversation? Or you can sorta just purse your lips and bob your head to acknowledge that A) you see them, B) you know you just saw them and already said hello and good-bye and C) nothing more really needs to be said.

It’s that kind of complicated human social scenario that makes us just want to cry. We out.

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