Summit Up 12-14-12: Gripping the wheel with all our might |

Summit Up 12-14-12: Gripping the wheel with all our might

Summit Up
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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that thinks it’s a good idea to slam on the brakes in the middle of an icy downhill slope on Interstate 70 when we received an important text – and they’re all important. Well, at least we thought that way until the venerable Denver Post set us straight.”Avoid sudden stops, starts and lane changes,” the Post advises in a recent story on winter driving. We’ll add to that excellent bit of advice the following: Grip the steering wheel with such force that the blood runs out of your hands and the back of your neck throbs in pain. Curse freely and creatively at other drivers, though avoid hand gestures (refer to our previous tip). However, don’t curse at your navigation system. Haven’t you seen “2001: A Space Odyssey?” HAL will kill you. Or maybe not. Consider the Jetsons-style rail systems being pitched this week to the Colorado Department of Transportation. Winter driving would be a thing of the past. Just think of it: We’d be the proud owners of world’s biggest, most expensive ski lift. Under one proposal, the train would even carry your car – with you in it. Time to release your icy grip and relax.***Moving on, James N. Garrett sent in this Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!! He writes thusly: “A huge thanks to Tim Hannon (owner of Locals Liquor in Silverthorne) for making my – birthday endurable by rafting me on the Colorado River on a cold December day!!Thanks to Tim Crone for stepping into the freezing waters of said river to push us off the rocks.!! Bona Dea and Todd Goode braved the cold waters with us. Thank you both. Forever Grateful, Gale Garrett”Glad to hear that your birthday was a blast. To many more, Gale.It seems that we have all kinds of good news to share today. Donna at the Summit County Animal Shelter sent in this heart-warming tale:”Sydney Donovan came to the animal shelter and donated many gifts to the shelter dogs & cats. It was her birthday last week and instead of getting gifts for herself she requested presents for the animals waiting patiently for their new homes. Sydney did the same thing last year! This is not the first time this has happened – amazing community full of generous and thoughtful kids! We truly appreciate it! Thank you Sydney!!”It appears that the holiday spirit is alive and well up here in the High Country. It’s nice to see a little good karma flowing as we prepare to wrap up the year that is 2012. Well, that’s about all we’ve got. Have a great Friday.

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