Summit Up 12-15-12: Cruising the interstate with a tree |

Summit Up 12-15-12: Cruising the interstate with a tree

Summit Up
Summit Daily/Mark Fox

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column with a coniferous tree strapped precariously to its roof as it heads down Interstate 70.

Yes, it’s Christmastime in Summit County, and what could be better – other than Wassail Days, Santa runs and manger scenes, of course – than the snowfall expected this weekend to get us in the holiday mood. This is not the manufactured, phony cheer brought to you by department stores starting the day after Halloween. This isn’t the Muzak version of the Little Drummer Boy pa-rum-pa-pum-puming our brains into figgy pudding. This is the start to a white Christmas, by God.

What better gift for a community that rises and falls with the weather than a moon-sized snowball wrapped in a big bow? OK, maybe we’re getting a little too excited over the 3 inches of flakes forecast, but we just can’t wait to open our present. It’s not like were asking for a Red Ryder BB Gun. We won’t shoot our eye out. We know exactly what to do with the white stuff around here. Watch out for icicles, though.

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