Summit Up 12-19-12: What to give, what to give? |

Summit Up 12-19-12: What to give, what to give?

Summit Up
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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that is a little worried about our company Christmas party tonight. It’s not that we’re not stoked to get a free meal and maybe an adult beverage or two, it’s that we’re feeling a little a self conscience about our Secret Santa gift. The issue is that we’ve secured what we believe to be an appropriate present, but who can really be sure until it is truly too late. Everyone here in the ol’ Corporate Suites filled out little Q&A forms to inform the unlucky souls that drew our names what it is that we think would be an appropriate gift if we were getting ourselves a present for under $25. The only problem is that we looked at the form letting us know to whom we would be presenting a gift, then proceeded to drop the form in the recycling bin without really ever looking over the additional information contained. So, will the person we’re gifting tonight appreciate their present? We can’t say for certain, but if we’re here to write this in the morn, it must not have gone that bad.We’ve got a Smarty Pants Alert! Smarty Pants Alert! that comes all the way from Lawrence Academy in Groton, Mass. Here’s what we’ve got: “Junior Kelly Burns was named to the academic honor roll for the fall trimester at Lawrence Academy. In addition to her academic studies, Kelly runs for the school’s cross-country team and pursues interests in theater and visual arts. She is the daughter of Drina and Andrew Burns of Breckenridge.”Congrats Kelly, keep up the good work.Have a wonderful day, catch ya tomorrow.

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