Summit Up 12-2-12: Leaving the friendly confines |

Summit Up 12-2-12: Leaving the friendly confines

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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s updating the masses on our well-known creature of comfort.

John Thaler, who was featured in the Oct. 4 run of the Summit Daily for not having walked past Breck’s town limits for nearly two years, has finally left!!!

Two years in Breckenridge, without even taking a little day trip to Frisco – Silverthorne is too far to ever consider – Thaler can officially say, that over the Thanksgiving holiday, he went back to his roots and got the hell out of Breck for once.

His friends were consumed by happiness.

“I have this vision that he would be grabbing onto the Breckenridge town sign while I’m pulling him out of town – he’s very comfortable in Breckenridge, he doesn’t leave naturally,” said Thaler’s best friend Holly Blando.

So what was it that finally got Breck’s infamous John Thaler to take a vacation from a place he considers a full-time vacation?

He had to see his Granddaddy, who is 98-years-old residing in Virginia.

“My grandfather is turning 98 so I’m going back to Virginia for that,” Thaler told the Daily back in October.

The real question, now that Thaler is back in Breck as cozy and comfortable as could be: Will he ever leave again?

“I love Breckenridge, it’s just a small mountain resort town. What else could you want?” he said.

And so the story continues. We are happy to bring a happy ending to this story. To read chapter one, follow the link:

There are two qualities that stand-out in an admirable dude: Contentment and appreciation of Breck. Stay put as long as you can John!

That’s all we got. Have a great Sunday. We out.

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