Summit Up 12-26-12: Where we’re dealing with our remaining goodies |

Summit Up 12-26-12: Where we’re dealing with our remaining goodies

Summit Up
Special to the Daily

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s stuffing its face with Christmas leftovers. The only thing better than all that delicious food is combining it together in a creative way to make sure you can eat it all before it goes stale or grows sentient mold.

We here at Summit Up have varying ideas about the best way to deal with the remaining goodies. Some suggest combining your turkey scraps into a sandwich with cream cheese and cranberry sauce. Others proudly claim that they never have leftovers and therefore don’t need creative food-saving recipes. Well, to them we say, you obviously aren’t cooking enough!

Fortunately, the Internet has not failed us, and we’ve found plenty of intriguing leftover recipe ideas. These suggest anything from recycling your ham into ham and swiss bread pudding to stuffing the rest of your stuffing into portabello mushrooms. Clearly, people on the Internet are much more ambitious than many of us at Summit Up. And more braggy about it.

It’s been a good holiday and we wish our Millions of Summit Up readers luck with wading through piles of cast off wrapping paper and deciding how best to prepare those tasty leftovers. We out.

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