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Summit Up 12-27-10

Summit Up
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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s counting

our presents – er, our blessings this holiday season.

Yeah, we’re pretty stoked to be toting around our new shockproof, waterproof, go-go gadget arms, Transformer camera (see photo above). It was a generous Christmas gift that we’ll have for all of our days – at least until we lose it like the last one.

If we remember correctly, that last one was lost to ravenous raft guides when left in their video tent in West Virginia. Strange. We always thought they hungered for food, not electronics. Perhaps the electronics could buy them some food… Needless to say, the camera wasn’t there when we went back to find it this fall during Gauley Season.

So, we’d also like you to check out the caliber of photos this camera takes. Pretty much middle of the road, huh? Yeah, well, the guys on say it takes good photos – for a camera that withstands being dropped from five feet and being immersed in water up to 10 feet. We’ll take it. After all, as they also say, what’s better? Taking high-resolution photos that you’ll never look at on anything but your computer screen and ruining your camera during the memory-laiden trip? Or taking slightly lesser photos and being able to document the whole thing?

We’ll take the latter.

And the Transformer-like doo-dad contraption thing that’s advertised on the box. Let’s see. Where was that? I swear it said it here somewhere…


If you look closely at our photo above, you’ll see the delightful point-and-shoot image is of a box of toe warmers. This is because we asked for those spiffy Hotronics boot warmers with the nifty dials that control the heat level – presumably so you don’t singe your feet while wearing them – but they’re a bit pricey.

Thus, the toe warmers.

The problem with them is they get all bunched up in the boot when you slide your foot inside. And then your feet sweat. And then the darn things need oxygen to work – which is exactly the reason your toes are cold to begin with (lack of circulation) – so they go out and you’re left with the same predicament you were in before, only now with sweaty, wet feet on top of it all.


Maybe next year for the Hotronics.


So we really did count our blessings and not just our presents this holiday season.

As many of you Summit Up readers know, it sure is nice to see family and friends during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Good to sit around the fire and chat about life and eat cookies and sing impromptu carols.

It’s especially fun when you come up with inappropriate gestures to go along with “Feliz Navidad” with your mother. You should try it sometime. Preferably when slightly tipsy.


We thought all about those blessings when we were driving home from the airport through the insane traffic field that was Interstate 70 this weekend. Welcome to Summit County all you vacationers and folks arriving for the season! Enjoy the holiday!

With that, we gotta run. Happy Monday!

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