Summit Up 12-5-12: Where exactly did we place the remote? |

Summit Up 12-5-12: Where exactly did we place the remote?

Summit Up
Special to the Daily/Jill Russell

Good morning and welcome to the world’s only daily column that is wishing that we understood exactly the rules for office TV.

For as long as any of us lowly scribes can remember we’ve had a TV in the ol’ newsroom here at the Corporate Suites. The problem that we have now is that during the whole Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales frenzy our intrepid leader secured a 37″ LCD and replaced the 50-lb. 17″ unit that had been precariously perched above one of our loyal staffer’s desk. While the staffer who sat under the old TV has been relieved to receive a reprieve from the impending disaster, the rest of us Summit Uppers have been trying to hash out some basic ground rules for mid-shift TV operation. In the past it was simple, only the tallest in the newsroom could reach the set, so they inevitably controlled what was showing.

MILLIONS OF SUMMIT UP READERS: Perhaps you should focus more on your craft and worry less what’s happening on “Judge Judy.”

SUMMIT UP: You make an excellent point and one that we’re sure our boss would agree with. So with that, lets change gears.

We received an Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!! from Rod Vargas recently. He had this to say:

“Last week during a hike off of Tiger Road, our dog got stuck in the middle of a frozen pond and would not move. We called the Summit County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) and Mr. Ian Andrews, animal control officer with Animal Control and Mr. Cale Osborn, sergeant/Special Operations responded to the call and were able to rescue our dog. These two gentlemen were reassuring and very professional and by using much ingenuity were able to get our dog out. It is so good to know that we have a sheriff’s department with personnel so caring, professional and willing to go the extra mile. I am so grateful that we got our dog back, but most of all by being able to have met two quality people who made a difference in our lives and I am sure make a daily positive impact to the lives of many in our county.”

We couldn’t have said it any better (but we do try, check out the related article on PAGE 2 today).

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