Summit Up 12-6-12: Where it’s too cold for nudists |

Summit Up 12-6-12: Where it’s too cold for nudists

Summit Up
Special to the Daily

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s welcoming the Daily’s newest addition to the News Team.

Summit Countians and Millions of Summit Readers, meet Ben Trollinger: our new managing editor coming from the Williamson County Sun.

C’mon over and welcome the guy! Give him a good ol’ Summit What’s Up and introduce yourself, he is after all the new leader of the lowly scribes serving up a fresh platter of news to High Country folk every day.

Speaking of fresh news, here’s a little something to laugh about as your coffee cools down or while your car warms up:

Public nudity is now illegal in San Francisco, as reported by Reuters Wednesday.

San Fran city leaders gave the final approval Tuesday to ban public nudity, an effort aimed to limit displays of nakedness that some residents and business owners say have gone too far in the famously tolerant city.

Bummer for the activists nearby as local sheriff deputies stood by with blankets to cover up their assertions of “body freedom.”

As not reported by Reuters (or anyone else for that matter, as the upcoming statement reflects the speculations coming from your’s truly), an exodus of nudists began Wednesday.

Dudes in the buff came out in masses to display their ruffled anger. Organizers of the walk-out said they hoped to find refuge in an area more inclined to accept their lifestyle.

Some newly nudists said they came out just to “see how it felt to be naked in public,” and “to have a last hurrah with fellow San Franciscans.”

Where the nudists will go, there’s no telling – likely not here though, it’s a bit too chilly.

We out.

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