Summit Up 12-8-12: Prepping to shred the gnar |

Summit Up 12-8-12: Prepping to shred the gnar

Summit Up

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that is praying to multiple snow gods.

All those prayers to Ullr seem to have finally had an effect as we’re watching snow flurries blanket Frisco and reading a promising weather forecast. What was it that made the difference, we wonder? Was it the lightings of Dillon and Breckenridge? The staring at the sky and fist-shaking?

Or is Ullr even the one we should be thanking? Research indicates that the Greeks also had a snow deity on hand, a goddess named Chione, who is the daughter of Boreas, the North Wind. She’s not known for much, besides having a fling with Poseidon, but who knows, maybe she’s hanging around Summit County these days.

Well, whoever it is, we’re just happy to have more ‘white gold’ falling from the sky. We’re more than ready to hit the slopes with some serious powder. Even our newsroom newcomers are ready to try their luck at flinging themselves downhill with sticks strapped to their feet. The real challenge, it seems, is pinning down the lingo, and learning to say it confidently (“Let’s hit some powder!”) rather than as a question (“I’m going to … shred the gnar? Is that right?”).

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