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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column sticking to the good news and the bad news.No mediocrity for us today, folks. And we’ll start with the good news. We love doing this. We have an Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!!:It seems a certain construction worker working at a site within shouting distance of Frisco Elementary is particularly enamored with the friendly female voice that comes over the loudspeaker every morning.

He described it as “the beautiful voice doing the Pledge of Allegiance” and he says that he’s been so moved of late that he’s stopped everything, put his hand on his heart and pledged right along with all the kids in school.But it’s not just a patriotic thing; this guy’s “spirits are always brightened” by the disembodied voice that also relays specific positive messages to the kids, in addition to the Pledge. He says he’s particularly touched because he can tell this is “someone who really loves kids” and “she touches my heart, and makes me so proud to be a part of this community.”Wow, this is some serious karma being swapped, it seems. Valentine’s Day did just pass … maybe she’s single, dude.***And we hate doing this. We have a Scum Alert!! Scum Alert!!; but this one holds some important information, so we’re passing it along inside an interesting story from a local mom, who titles this story, “Scamming The Lonely is Profitable and Cruel.” In her words …

“The most devastating disease I can think of is not AIDS or cancer, it’s loneliness. Other diseases can be handled better with friends and family that care, but when a person feels no one cares, that hurts. Now there are people out there who look for the lonely people to take advantage of. Mail-order brides and some dating websites are the worst – among the scum of the earth. They don’t care who’s hurt as long as they get the Lonely Heart of money.It began a few months ago when my son, in his mid-30s, called to say he met someone very nice over the internet. First clue. He carried on conversations with her and told her all about himself. She was a professional, and called herself a pediatrician. She said she made good money, but only enough to have a small apartment and no phone. Another clue. She did not ask for money for several months. Her letters were pretty generic and did not mention him or anything she should have known about him. Another clue. When he told me he wanted to meet her I told him to be careful. Mothers can’t tell children – even at that age – when they feel they know better.I turned to the internet and typed in “Russian mail Order Bride Scams” and found, where I looked for the name of the girl who was by now sending requests for money. She even sent him a copy of a visa listing him as her U.S. sponsor. I couldn’t find the woman on the website as a scammer, but I e-mailed the site owner who said she was on his list with a similar spelling. I e-mailed my son with the reply, and he looked through the site and found her picture. He never sent a penny and was glad he didn’t send her/him/agency (whatever) any. This is a big operation, and it’s worldwide. Not every foreign woman on the internet is a scam, but buyer beware. Spread the word, let’s take their victims from them …”

We really like that last part. It conjures up an image of moms in dimly lit dens in homes across America, banging away on computer keyboards, all working furiously to save their lonely sons. Anyway, we’re broadening the reach of this scum alert to include all internet posers. Yeah, we know – we’ll need a gigantic net.***It’s Saturday, a day of extremes. Give us a call at (970) 668-3998, ext. 13600, and tell us whether you’ve strapped on some climbing skins and are headed to the top of Torreys, or you’re grasping the tube clicker and a bag of Lay’s. We’re out scraping the ice off the sills so we can open the window Monday morning and hear that voice …

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