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Special to the Daily This is Bruiser, who has misplaced his owner, Adam, who would very much like him back. If you've seen this lost dog, call Dave (who will receive the call for Adam) at (970) 485-1055.

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that has no idea how fast it’s going, or even whether it’s moving backward or forward. This little problem is due to the fact that we’ve had a technical malfunction, losing the use of a piece of equipment that, it seems, has always been more important than we realized. We are talking about the speedometer on our car, which quit working just the other day, just like that. One second it was working, the next second it wasn’t. We were pretty sure we were still moving down the highway, but we can’t really be 100 percent certain, since said instrument was showing a big, fat zero.

This reminds us of the well-known Zen koan about a tree falling in the woods, and whether it actually happened if there was no one there to witness it. We felt like we were still moving. The car was pointed downhill, between A-Basin and Keystone, so we could assume that, if the rules of gravity still rule the universe, we were in fact, proceeding toward our destination. And in the end, we got where we were going. But there’s still that conundrum of the speedometer showing zero. How can we really be sure? Maybe, instead of actually physically driving, we entered some sort Wurmhole, an Einsteinian rip in the very fabric of time and space, a portal into a parallel dimension, where we can get from point A to point B without the use of an internal combustion engine. ***

Laura Luby sent this good luck note in: “Good Luck to Amelia Meyer, Nicole Luby, Emma Koenig and Melissa Griffith, who will debut their belly dancing group Tuesday night 8 p.m. at Colorado Mountain College in Breck.” And, by Tuesday night, they mean tonight! Hurry!***We have noticed recently (actually, for a long time) that one of our local cinemas, which shall remain unnamed, doesn’t accept credit cards. Now don’t get us wrong. We LOVE movies. We are big movie buffs, and over the years, we have spent many a happy hour inside this local emporium, reveling in the latest Hollywood blockbuster, checking out Oscar-winning performances, smooching with our significant other and just generally enjoying the all-American movie experience. But no credit cards?! Wassup with that?

Heck, you can use a credit card pretty much anywhere in the world these days, including second-rate banana stands in Costa Rica, and jungle juice shacks in Panama. Anyway, we’re just throwing it out there as food for thought. Seems there must be some rational explanation, like maybe the people that own this place are from another solar system, where the concept of plastic money hasn’t quite caught on yet. We’re outta here, checking our speed by radar …Finally, we are proud to give a great big Shout Out! to Alex Edwards, an 18-year-old Eagle Scout candidate in Breckenridge, who recently completed an ambitious community service project by building a set of handsome cubbies for the town’s ice arena. All in all, Alex spent about 75 hours planning and executing the project on his own, and had another 65 hours of help from fellow scouts. Alex, you da man! After all, what would an ice rink be without cubbies?We’re outta here, checking our speed by radar …

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