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Rob Schwartz sent us a photo of his adorables, Cooper (darker hair) and Bailey.

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column charming the blarney stone, or whatever it is you actually do on St. Patrick’s Day.Without rambling, we’ll just say this: We do love those holidays that we steal from Europe – or wherever, really, our country doesn’t discriminate on that topic – and turn them into brew-ha-ha’s down at the local pub. Because, really, St. Patrick’s Day in this country is about drinking, pinching people who aren’t wearing green and, um, drinking.***

An Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!! goes out from Nancy, who had one whale of a day last week. Not only did she get her car stuck off Highway 9 south of Hoosier Pass, her husband also had to be rescued off Breckenridge Ski Resort after a nasty crash on that same Wednesday.Alas, Nancy remains in good spirits because of all the kind souls who came to the rescue. When her car got stuck, it was just her and her three kids. More than 50 cars passed, she said, until a kind man in a yellow Hummer stopped. And, to make his rescue even more karma-worthy, he had two kids with him as well who got to witness a good deed first hand. So, halos and wings to that family, as well as to the rescuers at Breck.Nancy says she’s ready for a calmer Wednesday this time around …

***While tubing with our families at Copper recently, we witnessed a case of child neglect or tubing under the influence, we’re not sure which. We passed the “tubers unload here” sign at the top of the magic carpet and knew things were a little strange because as far as we knew, we hadn’t turned into a potato on the crawl up. But we think the woman who failed to wake her toddler child up before hurling her down the icy tubing slope is probably one of those rotten potatoes that has mold and green things growing out it. That’s why we’re issuing her a Scum Alert!! Scum Alert!! Imagine you’re 2 years old, slumbering peacefully in your red, blow-up cocoon. The gentle rocking of the magic carpet lulls your toddler mind into dreams of candy and snowmen. Or maybe a snowman made of candy. Then you wake up into a psychedelic world of swirling space and time. Ice chunks fly at your face as you struggle to understand the new universe. There’s spinning, bumps, you catch some air … then you see the light.

The wind stops and you hear a familiar voice. It’s your mom telling you to ride the magic carpet again.***It’s Friday, and our band name today is “Me Lucky Charms.” We’re out taking care of our festive friends …

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