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Special to the Daily Incredible sidewalk art from artist Julian Beever.

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column digging for gold in the sidewalks.We found Lincoln-busted copper pennies, a few rusty nails, a chocolate bar wrapper, but there was no gold in the streets … at least not where we checked.Speaking of gold in the street, we witnessed the future of the world playing in the early Spring rain on Wednesday afternoon in Frisco.

Two little kids who were standing on plastic sleds, floating in a humongous puddle in their driveway.One of the dudes was reeling in dirty water with a plastic fishing pole; his buddy was overseeing the operation.”Haven’t caught anything yet,” said the bro without the pole.

“It’s still early,” reassured the other child.They proceeded to perform an apparently unrehearsed song-and-dance sequence that involved the words “fishing,” “boat” and “driveway water,” while their flotational devices flirted with sinking.Miraculously, the plastic sleds never sank to the depths of the driveway, although the kid without a fishing pole slipped on a spin move and nearly drank from the dirty pool as his body fell into the natural kiddie pool. We call him “Long John Icarus” for his combination of an avoidable fall and the sea shanty.

The dude with the fishing pole taught us some skateboard tricks and then his dad pulled up and we didn’t want to seem like forboding strangers, so we smiled and wandered off to let the kids resume their fantastical scenarios.***In other High Country kids news:

• We’d like to honor (it’s in his name) our local buddy Honori (near the top among our all-time-favorite monikers) with the “Freeker by the Speaker” award for getting down and dancing like there was no tomorrow at the Keller Williams show at Copper Mountain on Sunday.Honori could also be seen busting moves at Toots and the Maytals on Saturday.• A young lady dressed in purple was recently seen on a Summit County sidewalk, jumping up and down under the blue-sky sun until a gust of wind too large for her wee frame blew her into her mother’s anxious arms

• Another young lady, intelligently wearing goulashes on a muddy day, trudged into a Frisco deli with her mother and her bunny rabbit. Mama bought the food, while daughter set a table for three, and then thought twice about it and took the rabbit’s placesetting down.***Dudu Pukwana played in the studio band for Toots and the Maytals’ 1975 release, “Reggae Got Soul.” Let’s break that name down, shall we? Okay: “Doo-doo” “pook-wanna” or, perhaps, “puke-want-to” (apologies to you Dudu, we’re just enjoying a little creative translation with your beautiful name).

***We’re out, singing a timeless sea shanty: “When you’re lost in the ocean,and you feel an absurd motion … diarrhea … diarrhea.”

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